Doing All He Can

Bomb Osama, a KRIV reporter sings

Wait a minute -- "for most of his career"? What about six months ago?

Does this mean Biggio doesn't really go to Mass? We'll wait for Fran's next 180-degree turn to find out.

Happy Anniversary

The Chronicle's 100th anniversary edition, which featured a history of the paper that left the impression the Chron had single-handedly defeated the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow while pushing Houston to grow exponentially without despoiling the environment, left at least one disgruntled reader.

Bill Schadewald, editor of the Houston Business Journal, wasn't happy that his publication was somehow excluded from the anniversary section's listing of "Other Houston Publications," and he let it rip in a October 19 column.

"It was a bit surprising to read that the Chron business desk now has 'a total of 22 editors and reporters' compared to one person in 1901," Schadewald wrote. "Given the fact that much of the business content today consists of wire copy culled from outside media services, I pictured a somewhat smaller staff."

He noted that even though HBJ was omitted from the list, the Chron's marketing department managed to send him "a full-blown media kit" touting the special section, with confetti, balloons, a mayoral proclamation and reprints of past Chronicle editions.

Schadewald should be happy -- we at the Press made the list, but somehow we never got the goody bag. We think he got the better part of the deal.

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