Ballot Hits and Bloopers

Sour grapes, golden gloves and acidic comebacks on the campaign trail.

Biggest Whiner

Sign company owner Dave Wilson cried foul when an incendiary, racist letter purporting to be from his Prop 2 campaign -- the effort to ban same-sex insurance benefits for municipal employees -- got circulated at City Hall and eventually became the subject of media stories. Wilson immediately accused Councilwoman Annise Parker and her campaign manager, Grant Martin, of being responsible for fabricating and distributing the letter. The only problem was he had not a shred of evidence of their involvement, other than the fact both are openly gay. A fair campaign practices committee heard and quickly dismissed Wilson's complaint against Martin. Maybe they should have been looking into better-documented complaints that a Prop 2 supporter went into gay bars and collected signatures for Wilson's petition under the rubric that signers were endorsing gay rights.

Worst Sign and Slogan

In the nonpartisan races, some Sanchez signs got GOP'd to show his allegiances.
Tim Fleck
In the nonpartisan races, some Sanchez signs got GOP'd to show his allegiances.

Gerald Womack's slogan was "Tracks through District D," printed on a blue background with a pair of naked red footprints. It reminded The Insider of one of those old Arthur Murray dance lesson patterns, but when he laid the sign on the floor and tried to do the Womack, he didn't get anywhere.

Most Overdone Tactic

Michael Berry's sign blitz, which has seemingly blanketed every vacant spot in the city with the candidate's name and that enigmatic slogan: "a listener, a leader." While he may be a championship listener, Berry also has been agile in avoiding getting pinned down on positions. The Insider has written a campaign song for Berry, titled "Cardboard Man," to be sung to the tune of the Beatles' "Nowhere Man." Here's a sample lyric:

"Doesn't have a point of view / Knows not where he's going to / Cardboard Man, can we see you / At all?"

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