Second Banana Blues

Scott Kannberg shows the world how to win fans and lose friends

Kannberg stands his ground: "They had the chance to make more [money], but they didn't want to commit to touring. I have to say, they are great musicians, but I get the feeling they had the wrong impression of what kind of band this was going to be. I respect and value everything Jon and Andy contributed to All This Sounds Gas and feel the credits, written while they were still in the band, reflect their part in the recordings."

In the end, Borger and Erickson were paid only as session musicians on an album they assert they engineered and co- produced, and they'll receive nothing from the album's profits. Kannberg "kind of just changed his mind" about how he was going to pay them, says Erickson. "So I asked him, 'You mean to say you honestly believe that you came to me with your songs and that I did not improve your songs by 1 percent?' And he said no."

At best, the problem stems from Kannberg not knowing what he wanted from PSOI or, at least, not conveying his wishes very well to the rest of the band. "Scott wants things to be good," says Erickson. "He's just bad at communicating."

To his sidemen, Kannberg's All This Sounds Gas emits a foul odor.
To his sidemen, Kannberg's All This Sounds Gas emits a foul odor.

Kannberg is clear about one thing: "This band was around before they entered the picture, and it goes on without them," he says.

But if much of All This Sounds Gas's greatness is owed to the contributions of the former musicians, then it will be interesting to see where Preston School of Industry goes from here.

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