Dallas Domination

The Metroplex schools Houston when it comes to the indie scene

But paradoxically, DFW wins by being both more concentrated and decentralized. Both Feazel and Ellis mention the fact that since TCU, UNT and SMU are scattered over a wide area, bands have the chance to gig on three different scenes on any given weekend. Houston's clubs, in this sense, are not scattered enough, for a band who schedules one show at Rudyard's and another at Mary Jane's on the same weekend will split their house. But if the clubs were farther apart, who would support them? There aren't enough footloose twentysomethings in Katy, Kingwood or Clear Lake to keep a club in business.

Houston's pool of indie-digging college students isn't likely to swell in the immediate future. But what can be done to help build a scene worthy of our bands? "Man, I wish I knew. That's the $64,000 question," says Ellis. He hopes that the city fathers will see fit to bend the rules in order to fund an entertainment district. "If there was some sort of tax break for live music venues, or just an easing of some of the codes in that area, we might have been able to develop something like that, but there wasn't anybody there to champion the cause. It's, you know, the sound of one hand clapping."

Scuttlebutt Caboose

It's rare that the namesake of any foundation attends one of said organization's parties, generally because that person is, well, dead. Pauline Oliveros is alive and well, though, and she'll be at her foundation's benefit party on November 23 at the Suchu Studio (2201 Preston). "Echoes," as the event is called, features music by DJ Defenestration and the MECA Improvisation Ensemble, and a poetry reading by Ione. There will also be a silent auction, with attendees invited to bid for such items as a broadside of an original Oliveros score; original art by Abbie Cohen, Austin Cooley, Jenni Rottor, Chad Sager and others; gift certificates; and a kick-ass turntable courtesy of the folks at Sound Exchange. Admission is free for Pauline Oliveros Foundation members; $7 for the general public.

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