Golden Oldies

How many times can the Chronicle write the "How to be a Texan" story?

We'll just wait for the pay-per-view, if that's all right.

It Could Be Worse

The newspaper union is in the middle of protracted negotiations with the Chicago Sun-Times as it looks to work out a new contract. Things haven't been going well, so labor has unleashed some propaganda.

The union is complaining that the Sun-Times is woefully understaffed, according to Chicago magazine, with only 78 reporters and columnists despite a circulation of 484,000.

It can be tricky matching apples to oranges in these type of staffing comparisons, but the union noted the size of other papers' staffs: 180 at The Dallas Morning News (circulation 516,000); 132 at The Arizona Republic (482,000); 160 at The Boston Globe (621,000); and 210 at Newsday (576,000).

Oh, and then there was the Houston Chronicle. With a circulation of 545,000, according the union study, it had a staff of 60. (Meaning one-tenth of the crew at 801 Texas labored on the "Howdy, Vlad" epic.)

That Chronicle figure sounds low, and as an understaffed paper ourselves, we can certainly sympathize.

But those folks in Chicago don't know how good they have it.

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