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Turn out the lights, the party's over -- for fans of the Sound of Texas, anyway. Station manager Garland Ganter resigned from KPFT on January 9. Victorious activist Edwin Johnston's advice to those who mourn the SOT's passing: Listen to KIKK. Meanwhile, fellow dissident Dan "Chug" Jones not-so-cordially invited Racket to haul his "Ganter-loving ass" down to an Interim Local Advisory Board meeting, where the peasants were plotting what to do with the castle they've stormed. Racket's Ganter-loving ass was otherwise engaged. By the way, what happens to a dissident when he no longer has anything to dissent from?…Four ex-members of the "de-funkt" group Soular Slide -- everyone from that band not named Shawn Pander -- have teamed up with ex-Space City Dogs and Global Village vocalist Chad Strader to form the Uprights…For a guy who's been gone five years as of New Year's Day, Townes Van Zandt is on a hell of a roll. The year 2001 saw five album releases of Van Zandt or covers of his songs. There are several books and documentaries in the works. His song "Marie," as sung by Willie Nelson, is up for a Grammy this year, as is the all-star tribute album Poet…That kind of output was more or less a month's work for Van Zandt's mentor Lightnin' Hopkins, who will have been gone 20 years by the end of this month. To memorialize Hopkins, a statue will be unveiled in Crockett near Lightnin's birthplace of Centerville on January 30 at noon. And yes, the Hopkins releases still come too: Last year Arhoolie released an anthology culled from Hopkins's finest work for that label as well as the early-'50s masters that Arhoolie boss Chris Strachwitz bought from Bill Quinn's Gold Star label. If you want only one Lightnin' record, this is the one to get, and if you want to explore his catalog and don't know where to start, try here…Van Zandt wasn't the only Houston-connected Grammy nominee: Kirk Whalum, La Mafia, former La Mafia member (and now head of Los Magnificos) Leonard Gonzales, Jaci Velazquez, Yolanda Adams, Lyle Lovett and Destiny's Child are between them up for eight statuettes…Turns out Racket's report last week of Jug O' Lightnin's hiatus was a little late. They were taking a break, but they will take the stage again on January 19 at the Continental for a show supporting Jon Dee Graham and Beaver Nelson…Pathetic. Has the world really come to this? First there was the suck-up five-star review Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner penned in his magazine for old buddy Mick Jagger's nearly universally panned Goddess in the Doorway CD. Then, L.A. Weekly revealed that many of the hot babes at a December Jagger gig in Los Angeles were not, in fact, Mick-besotted groupies but rather mercenary casting agency "talent" paid to squeal at his royal Mickness (some of them were even too young to know who he was). To mangle a line from an old Dire Straits song, Jagger may be getting his money for nothing, but now he ain't getting his chicks for free. While we're quoting aging English rockers, let's not forget Roger Daltrey, who once sang, "Hope I die before I get old." Racket won't go so far as to advise Jagger to (here we go again) stick his pen in his heart and spill blood all over the stage, but if he has to pay for fake groupies, then he really can't get no satisfaction.

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