Oh, Oh, Donna...

As his ex and Fort Bend cops find out, don't let this guy take out the trash

One night she sang him lyrics from a song she had made up for his children: "You need to come on over to my house."

I'm on my way, he said.

Yeah, she said. I hear you are.

Coe still worries that Treadway is out to get her.
Coe still worries that Treadway is out to get her.

The fugitive's songs ended shortly before noon on January 16. By then, the hunt by Fort Bend sheriff's detectives and the Texas ranger had expanded to a hefty posse -- the Harris County Sheriff's Department, Louisiana State Police, South Carolina State Police and both the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach police departments.

"That's the way we handle escapees," Wright says. "We don't like to lose them. That's the first one we've lost since I've been sheriff…We don't like to let them get away."

Two plainclothes police officers spotted Treadway in the stolen truck in a Myrtle Beach parking lot. Myrtle Beach Police Chief Warren Gall says police introduced themselves, then Treadway ran into a poster-and-frame store and tried to shut the door on them. The chief says they pulled him onto the sidewalk and Detective Dennis Pitsinger's gun was dislodged in the struggle. Treadway fell on it and told the officers, "Get off me, or I'll kill you," Gall says. Treadway fired one shot that narrowly missed officer Tracy Agro's head. When he ignored Agro's order to drop the gun, she shot him twice in the left hip and arrested him.

Treadway was charged with assault and battery with intent to kill, resisting arrest with a deadly weapon, having a stolen car and unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Coe says that after his arrest, reporters started hounding her. She claims she received 249 media phone calls in one day, and television crews followed her.

She still wears the triangular diamond ring Treadway gave her. She just switched it to her right hand, farther from her heart.

She fled South Carolina and is staying with friends in Houston. "I'm running," she says. She tells of being too scared to go home, that she doesn't know where to go next. However, before she disappears, she says, she'd like some movie producer or book agent to buy rights to her story. Then she figures she can use the cash to go into hiding.

"As long as he's breathing air, I'm not gonna feel safe," she says. "They've got him in the same old [South Carolina] jail he broke out of -- and he can con his way out of anything."

Guards took Treadway to the doctor to have his bullet wounds examined last week. They say he tried to use a paper clip to unlock his handcuffs.

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