The Kopper Caper

Enron's secret domestic-partner benefits program

Linda Morales, a Zepeda supporter on the organization's candidate screening panel, quickly called Farrar's rejection of the endorsement "unstateswoman-like."

Supporters of City Controller Sylvia Garcia were equally shocked when the group voted to back former city councilman John Castillo in the Democratic primary race for Harris County commissioner. After all, the stated purpose of Latina PAC was to promote Latinas for office.

"We were hijacked," explained Latina PAC president Olga Rodriguez after the meeting. She says that the group's bylaws extend voting privileges after only a month's membership, so Castillo forces packed the meeting and edged out Garcia 30-29.

Kopper copped the Fifth in a recent hearing.
Kopper copped the Fifth in a recent hearing.

Political consultant Nancy Sims, a former associate of Rodriguez's, says the group just fell victim to its own popularity and lax bylaws, which allow candidates to stack the roster to snatch endorsements during the political season. She advocates tightening rules "to make sure people are really members of the organization."

Till that happens, Latina PAC will likely become Latina Packed every time an election comes along.

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