Any Story Will Do

It's rerun time with the Chronicle's Enron coverage

"I can assure you we are paying for every expense we have on the trip," she says, declining to say what the cost is. "Absolutely 100 percent of it."

She says she doesn't see the series of reports as a plug for McIngvale's store. "I don't think it's a free ad for Mac at all. It's no secret he paid for the kids' trip. It's a story about Rome and the trip experience."

Cooler Heads Prevail

As a way of attracting viewers throughout the day, the Chronicle's Web page often includes stories that will be published in the following day's print edition. Those Web stories need headlines, of course.

But did the February 13 Web edition really need the headline "U.S. Slaps Around German Women in Hockey 10-0"?

Apparently not. It was changed for the next day's paper.

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