Vanguard Vitriol

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Vanguard Vitriol

Jones defender: Your article did not exhibit good, fair and accurate journalistic skills ["The Great Divide," by Margaret Downing, March 7]. You interviewed Vanguard students who have no firsthand knowledge to make such remarks. For example, freshman Jarrett Mostiller said there are about three good teachers there, but he doesn't even take any classes from the comprehensive teachers. Why didn't you interview any students from the comprehensive side of the school?

Nowhere in your article did I read that Mr. Allen's daughter is a Vanguard student at Jones. That tells me that Mr. Allen could very well be a part of the VPO meeting behind his back to have him removed. There are those who would have the public believe that Mr. Allen is the one causing a division in the school. He is not.

When I was a student at Jones (class of '82), students understood that we attend the same school. It was not "this is the Vanguard hall, and if you're not a Vanguard student, you can't come over here." Now my daughter is not allowed to use the good library because she is not in Vanguard. The Vanguard students have a pay phone, but there are none for the other students. Most of the comprehensive teachers who taught when I was there are still there today. That sounds like to me they are good teachers.

I don't understand what VPO president Becky Udden means when she says "we are in the third-world prison" other than she is looking at the school fence and the two HISD police officers, which is the case in every HISD school I have visited -- and that she can't just come into our school and "have it her way." For her to say such a thing is appalling.

I request, nearly demand, that you print a rebuttal and include in that rebuttal a statement from other teachers, students and parents.

Yolanda Davis-Johnson

Keep it at Jones: Thank you for your article on Jones High. I think it will do a world of good in bringing the plight of my school to the eyes of the community. I transferred to the Vanguard program this year (as a sophomore) from DeBakey HSHP because of the individuality of the program. I love the school, problems and all, and I hope that the Vanguard program will not be moved.

Perhaps, though, the plight of the comprehensive students should have been discussed. After all, it is the community's school, filled with the community's children. The comprehensive program will be there whether Vanguard is moved or not, and it certainly has just as many, if not more, issues that need to be resolved before it is the school that South Park deserves.

Ella Moore

Talking the talk: I wasn't sure whether Principal Lawrence Allen was good for Jones High School until I read this quote: "I wouldn't know what assignment Mrs. Woods has. She serves another populace with the school." I just know HISD has hired the right guy 'cos he talks just like all the other administrators I've grown accustomed to hearing in 20-plus years of teaching.

Patrick Hubbell

Pious dictator: I have found that when the leadership of any organization loses the confidence of those it leads, it doesn't matter whether the leader is capable or qualified. The authority, once undermined, becomes ineffective and doomed to failure. In politics, we often find that perception of wrongdoing is as damaging as any actual wrongdoing.

The words of Mr. Allen himself show that he feels "destined" to run Jones High and that since his mother is on the state board of education, he is immune to criticism. This feeling, if true, disqualifies him.

Administrators are not effective because they attend football games or understand the plight of the students. They are effective because they are facilitators, creating an environment where grievances are responded to, where student performance is the primary consideration.

To continue under the uncertainty and hostility would benefit Allen at the expense of the students, the parents and the Vanguard program itself.

In one visit to Jones, I saw so many things that could be made better with very little or no money. If the kids really took pride in the school, and if the administration behaved in a way that fostered pride, many of the problems could be remedied by students. The apathy exhibited by the school district and the perception of political issues in the mix add up to student indifference and apathy as well.

We lead by example. If that example is one of pious dictatorship, then the result is an understandably cynical and distracted student population. It is easy to understand why there is only one Vanguard program for high schools. If Jones is the shining example, I wouldn't want one at my local school, either.

Kyle King

Red Light District

Rear-enders: I agree with every person quoted in this article ["Crunch City," by Jesse Washington, March 14]. If I have to take a freeway to get there, I'm not going. In the last ten years I have been hit from behind twice when I did not run a red light.

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