Motivational Motörhead

Lemmy: Heavy metal's F-bomb-dropping answer to Anthony Robbins

After a brief stint in Hawkwind, a psychedelic metal band, Lemmy formed Motörhead in 1975. The classic lineup featured guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke and drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor. In no time, Motörhead was reviled as the worst band in the world. While the image of Lemmy wearing mirrored shades and growling upward into an overhead mike was frightening enough, what came out of the speakers and amps was deemed even more repulsive. Still, the denim-and-safety-pin crowds marveled at Motörhead's ability to offend with such classic underground albums as Overkill, Bomberand Ace of Spades. A young Lars Ulrich was enamored enough to serve as president of Motörhead's West Coast fan club before becoming the drummer for Metallica; Motörhead's god-awful growl also helped spawn the likes of Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.

Lemmy's debauched existence is as legendary as his band. If what doesn't kill him ultimately makes him stronger, Lemmy will be smoking, drinking and imbibing sordid and sundry substances from here to eternity.

Motörhead: A punk band with the wrong haircuts.
Motörhead: A punk band with the wrong haircuts.

"I've never recovered from any vice," he says. "I thoroughly enjoy them. Maybe I'm just dumb lucky. A lot of my friends are dead. I don't recommend any lifestyle over any other. Just figure out what you like best and do it. If you live a life you don't like, it'll kill you just the same -- and make you miserable before that! You gotta get out there and figure out what you like to do and then die trying to fucking do it."

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