Preaching to the Choir

Plus: Feudal Follies, Life in the Slow Lane, Facts and Fantasy

Third, comprehensive students frequent the hallway where most of the Vanguard classrooms are located, and no one ever tells them to leave unless they are disrupting classes, but this also goes for Vanguard students. Fourth, just because the pay phone is located in the Vanguard hallway does not mean comprehensive students cannot use it. In fact, they are the majority of the ones who do use it.

Thank you, and please get your facts straight next time, Ms. Davis-Johnson.

Connie Villareal

What on Earth?

Waste not: I enjoyed your piece on the Citizens' Environmental Coalition ["Earth Quake Day," by George Flynn, April 4]. I believe that CEC is generally a good organization. However, you let CEC off the hook by making only a passing reference to its affiliation with Waste Management.

As you surely know, Waste Management is a megacorp that has committed some megawrongs. Indeed, Arthur Andersen's sorry auditing of the runaway Waste Management accounting carried great weight when the Justice Department decided to indict Andersen. Of course, the company has had numerous legal problems relating to its handling of waste.

That CEC would associate with Waste Management is bad news. Perhaps the Earth Day at Rice will be more educational, but that doesn't erase -- in my opinionated mind, anyway -- the taint of the Waste Management sponsorship.

Name withheld by request

Morals -- not money: KRBE is talking trash when its spokesperson suggests that the Citizens' Environmental Coalition dropped out of the station's pseudo-Earth Day event because of the cash.

Last year I helped with one of the environmental booths at the KRBE festival. During the event, CEC leaders and others were already talking about pulling out for the reasons given in your story -- long before anyone knew how much money CEC would receive.

The KRBE event is dead, even with live music. Hopefully CEC will recycle Earth Day into an inspirational community festival.

John Wilson

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