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The reason most meat eaters don't like vegetarian stuff is the same reason I don't: It is usually bland, outdated stuff. Basically, most are relatively new to it in the sense it has not spawned a second generation of people raised on good vegan, vegetarian cuisine. It's usually young radicals, old hippies or just animal lovers. I was raised on gourmet vegan food from a mother who was very well known on the East Coast for her incredible cooking. She can make a chocolate cake that tastes exactly the same as a buttery one, with the same texture.

It just cracks me up to read review after review that always has this condescending view, as if taking an interest in your health were some weird little health-food cult idea. You suffer from a prevalent condition in Houston: You eat for pleasure, and everything else is secondary. The purpose of eating is to feed the body what it needs. The arrogant decadence so often displayed by most Houstonians is why we are at least up there in being the fattest city and why most people will die an ugly death from degenerative disease.

Ryan Snyder

Beach Fest Bias?

Extend basic human rights: As you stated in your article, a United States citizen wanting to visit a public area should be protected ["Beach Party Blues," by Scott Nowell, April 11]. What I didn't see is the same attitude for the rights of people attending the Kappa Beach Party, the negative comments such as "Galveston blues" and the businesses closing because their employees cannot get to work -- that is ludicrous.

What are you saying here, that people are not welcome there? That business owners in Galveston have all the money they need? Sounds more like if you're black, you're not welcome, even though you're going to college and are going there to spend money and enjoy one of the fine Texas beaches. As an American, you may not be welcome in Galveston: I think this says it all. I wonder if it's okay to just be a human who shows up there -- after all, that is what we are: human.

Tony Pruett
Blanket, Texas

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