Will May Ever End?

Sweeps month brings startling news: strippers!

"Is imitation the sincerest form of hackery?" the reporter asked Sondheim, who said it was actually flattering.

The Times then offered a mere sampling of recent headlines: "Lucas Sends In the Clones," from the Sydney, Australia, Sunday Telegraph, "Send In the Clones!" from the Edmonton Sun, "Hollywood Sends In the Clones" from Time (and, yes, "Send In the Clones" from its own paper).

Fair warning, we thought. By the time our very own Houston Chronicle got around to publishing its Star Wars review four days later, its headline writers will have had plenty of time to rack their brains.

Apparently they don't read the Times, though. There it was that Thursday, in huge type: "Send In the 'Clones.' "

Don't bother, they're here.

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