David Lee's Froth

Diamond Dave rants on fashion, being a digital gigolo, his rival/tourmate Sammy Hagar, a pending lawsuit and a bunch of other stuff

When asked point-blank if Gavrel's allegations have any merit, Roth dismisses them as "all nonsense."

"It's a pity that so many people that have worked hard for David over the past several years are having to file claims against him," says Gavrel's Houston attorney, Robert Durbin, via e-mail. According to Gavrel, who says he's known Roth for more than 20 years, he booked the singer on a tour with Bad Company in 1999. But in lieu of payment because of what he claims were Roth's pleaded "cash-flow problems," Gavrel instead took the right to promote four additional Texas dates. When those shows didn't happen, Gavrel helped with some 2001 shows, some subcontracted to ICM. Complicating matters for Gavrel is, apparently, the lack of a formal written contract.

"Due to Louis's long-standing relationship with Mr. Roth as a friend and a promoter, telephone calls from Roth requesting Louis's help and simple writings between the two were enough to bind them," Durbin counters, adding that because Gavrel was paid by Roth for some of the shows, there was a "pretty clear mutuality of understanding" between them. Durbin says that Roth and ICM have formally responded, reiterating no intention of settlement.

Roth might as well face it: He's addicted to sleaze.
Roth might as well face it: He's addicted to sleaze.


Sunday, June 16; 281-363-3300
Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion, 2005 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands

Dave on Sammy: "Let's get biblical, Bob! It's a rivalry that the audience wants to be in the middle of. Rivalry brings out the best, whether it's car design or political governments!"

After the current tour is over, Roth has no plans save for promoting his video/DVD release, David Lee Roth's No-Holds Bar-B-Q. It features Roth and assorted strippers, midgets and pals dressing up in costumes and doing…well, not much of anything besides running around his house and dancing to techno music to jarring camerawork and editing. But with Eddie Van Halen's recent self-proclaimed triumph over cancer, and the dormant Van Halen in need of a front man, might we see another reunion?

"I tell ya what," Roth says, answering the question for what is probably the millionth time. "I see myself…you know…arriving at the gate of dreams worth dying for with nothing but convictions. Religious, spiritual, musical and PRIOR!" (laughs)

"That shit is all inclusive, Bob! God bless!"

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