The Grim Rapper

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The Grim Rapper

White prejudice? I know that you look at Carlos Coy as a bad guy because of what happened ["South Park Monster," by John Nova Lomax, June 6]. Deep down inside, I believe Carlos is innocent. I met him many times in Dallas, and he was a great guy. It seems to me that this little girl was confused, as if the parents had a lot to do with her imagination. You probably think I'm a thug or a low-life because I'm supporting Carlos, but I'm a college student majoring in MIS.

Carlos should never have been convicted without evidence, and that's what gets to me. You should look past his appearance to see that he is a talented person. Now he is ruined because of others. Hispanics are always being shut down by the white community. There is something that they should keep in mind, though: Hispanics are expanding, and soon the whites will be the minority. Give SPM a break -- he didn't do anything to harm that little girl.

Rosendo Chavez

Carlos the good: Look, I'm a very big fan of South Park Mexican. I don't think he deserves to be portrayed like that "South Park Monster" article. That man has changed me in so many ways. He gives me inspiration to be a good and successful Hispanic American. He may have touched that girl (which I really doubt), but he's not a monster. He is always thankful to God and everyone who has supported him.

I do not think he is guilty. If I lived in Texas, I would have protested against that family who accused him of such a crime. I can almost guarantee it was a setup so he wouldn't make any more money or become more successful.

Juan C. Escobar
Silver Spring, Maryland

Just verdict: I'm glad you wrote this article. Besides showing SPM's good points, you showed his bad points, which he totally brought upon himself. I feel no sympathy except for the young children.

Our judicial system sends a clear message: It doesn't matter about your celebrity status -- you play, you pay. Now SPM has paid by ruining his life, which will be spent in prison.

I hope the parole board never lets this predator out again. He deserved everything he got.

Name withheld by request

Money motives: I can't believe you wrote this. How could you? This is all a lie that hurts SPM and his family and says to me that the judge and half of America is prejudiced.

This country has made people kill for the green. What makes you think they aren't willing to lie to put a man in jail just for the green? Putting him in prison for 45 years is like killing him and his family and friends and fans. There was no evidence; get it in your head that he's innocent. To quote him, "Whatever you do, don't curse innocent children; they deserve to be happy."

Andrew Perez

No hero-worship here: This is a great story on the "South Park Monster."

To me, any dopehead, dealing pusher -- or one who once was that -- will never be a hero in the Hispanic community. He's just another Spanish apple gone bad. Hispanics who make a positive difference for our community are the ones who count.

Hispanics who started out doing honest work from the get-go are the heroes in the barrio, not former addicts or drug dealers.

JoAnn Rodriguez

Seeing dots: I certainly hope John Nova Lomax was paid well for last week's feature, so we'd know someone benefited from the Carlos Coy tragedy. The readers certainly gained nothing from Lomax's uncritical rehash of weeks-old media reports and conjecture that tried Coy largely on his rap persona.

One piece of advice: If you're going to play connect-the-dots journalism, at least package some crayons with the paper.

Ernesto Aguilar

Seeing depth: I was really impressed with your style of writing and was unable to put the paper down once I began reading. I found the article to be informative as well as entertaining. I will be looking for more of your articles, so keep up the excellent work.

Paul Jimenez

In the pokey: I read your article and just don't know what to think, because in one of his songs Coy says, "The girl gave me the pussy, so I took it."

He really messed up this time. He should have asked how old she was? I guess what comes around goes around, and he got what he deserved! Loved your story on him.

P.S. -- SPM (Stop Poking Me)!

Michelle Ramirez

A Deserving Katie

HISD's unfair: I recently read your article regarding Katie Gallagher being denied a scholarship because of an administrative error ["A Fixer-Upper," by Margaret Downing, May 30]. I believe HISD made a serious error in this case and should reconsider her application. There is no excuse for this blatant unfairness.

Ronald W. Beers
Manassas, Virginia

Suffer not: Katie Gallagher works for me on a part-time basis. I believe something needs to be done on her behalf; she deserves the $12,000 scholarship. These kids need an education, but when the school's adult counselors cannot do their jobs, it is our children who suffer.

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Ppl kill for money wat makes others believe they wuldnt lock some one up for alot of money or for fame ppl do way worse things for way less money FREE SPM FREE SPM

billyjean rael
billyjean rael

i think that they shouldnt have locked up spm because i no that he DID NOT do nada to that little girl an im not just saying that just because im a HUGE spm fan or just because im a gangster 2 but all of the things he raps about are storys of some real things that hapnd to him an thats what i think that they should FREE SPM!!!!

kemberly dominguez
kemberly dominguez

he didnt do anything, he doesnt deserve what he got. he may have made some mistakes in life but he never did anything to that lil girl. anyway he changed alot and why would they have sent him to jail if they had no evidance except for word of mouth, maybe they were liyin'!!!


Carlos Coy is an innocent man misktaken by a lack of judgement. A little girls imagination can expand to create so many stories by fear and pressure. SPM is a good man and is so talented that he has to show his talent between four walls. A little girls words has damaged someone from being recognized who he really is. The jury shouldn't have sentenced him without any real evidence and predicted a false assult on words that could or "are" made up by someone who just wanted revenge from the past. SPM should be let free until proven innocent.


i dont believe that Carlos Coy meet to touch that little girl. So i like he should be free. My brother was lock up there to they let him go. They should let Carlos Coy go to. If Carlos Coy if u ever read this im a big fan of your songs. My name is Jonathan hinojosa i live in laredo.


Thank You for writing this article. I also know deep down inside that Carlos Coy aka South Park Mexican (SPM) is innocent!! Who would make up such a lie to hurt an up and growing latio .. people who love the money!! This is all false! I haven't personally met Carlos himself but I'm a huge fan and I agree on what he has said on his latest album!!! There were no minorities in the jury and they gave him 45 years without evidence!! What was that? "Tryin' to stop the rise but the mexican live" SPM said!! You can never stop him I just hope the jury who convicted him knows thaT !!!

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