Breaking the Mold

Plus: Bias -- By Whom?, No Alternative, South Park Fallout

There may be other deep-rooted problems that need to be addressed but won't until we get our communities to protest the alternative method of handling discipline problems. My child was threatened with CEP. The school district and principal found out the hard way that we fight for the rights of our child and other children who have been treated wrong by the school.

We want only the best education for children. My child's school has a history of abusing children. Sometimes they even let the educators involved do their own investigations -- of course, they clear themselves.

Angel Seguin Garcia

South Park Fallout

Wake-up call: I am livid after reading a couple of the letters to the editor [June 20] regarding the verdict of musician Carlos Coy, a.k.a. South Park Mexican ["South Park Monster," by John Nova Lomax, June 6]. Once again, someone feels the need to make a crime committed by a Hispanic a racial issue. Why? The facts in this case are clear. The charges were clear. The verdict and punishment that the jurors imposed was also clear. So I ask you, where is the racial issue?

The victim was of the same race as the perpetrator. Mr. Coy could have just as easily been white, his victim black or Asian! It still would not have been less of a crime.

People should get educated on the facts before shouting to the entire world that "woe is me, the poor Hispanic; the white people are after me again!" I am Hispanic, of Mexican and Nicaraguan descent, and very proud to be. However, in my pride there is no room for whining about "white" or "black" or "Asian" people. We are all one nation under God and should act as one. So Carlos Coy was a successful musician and the world was at his feet. So what? That doesn't make him infallible. He and only he is to blame. Have you stopped to think about the child? She is the only real victim.

Wake up, people. Life is too short for you to be so ignorant.

Yvonne Salvatiera

Bad Press: This article was horrible. Wasn't the Press singing the praises of SPM for the last couple of years as one of the best things to come out of Houston? The wheel turns, I guess. I love the fact that only after the trial was SPM's album panned.

It's funny; the album sounds like the same negativity SPM has been pumping out all along. It's also funny that SPM is now a monster, but only because of the child-molestation verdict and not because of his horrible misogyny and violent lyrics.

It's also funny that David Allan Coe, a man who has songs like "Nigger Fucker" and other wonderful things, gets positive press. I guess until he's caught with a child, right? The lack of coverage of local hip-hop acts that are not preaching negativity is glaring. I suppose if it's not talking about sippin' syrup or slinging rocks, fuckin' hoes or poppin' caps, just like in the mainstream media, it gets overlooked.

Doug Spearman

Din of Inequity

Focus on the real problems: Mr. Menez's problem with noise is so minute compared to the real problems of downtown ["Facing the Music," by George Flynn, June 20]. Spy was there before the lofts even opened, so why did Salvador Menez move there? Did he think it was a quiet neighborhood? Hello, there's a nightclub across the street!

Downtown's problems don't affect just tenants but also the people who work and/or play downtown. Travis doesn't even have working streetlights, leaving Market Square a dangerous area. The transients who beg for money can be intimidating and scary for some people, especially the ones hanging out in Market Square.

Last, but not least, is parking. It just sucks. There isn't any parking, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm not complaining, by any means. I just don't think Mr. Menez has a legitimate gripe.

Anne Aldrich

Hear and now: At first I thought "Facing the Music" was a clever lampoon of the Montrose area's pseudo-face-lift; when the influx of yuppies a few years ago changed the local flavor from spicy and tangy to bland and homogenized. To my surprise, this Menez guy is not a fictional character but a real-life pud trying to do away with the racket he was paying to live right next to.

Huh? Who in their right mind moves downtown in any city and expects peace and quiet? Anybody complaining about the noise should have done a little scouting around before signing the lease. You'd have to be a top-notch A-hole to make an issue out of noise on the streets of downtown, and arming yourself with a noise meter just clinches it.

This city is full of people hoping for a better future, and that future is compromised by people looking for issues to exploit. The unnamed City Hall staffer had it right: Go back to Kingwood.

Brent Himes

The British Are Coming!

Revolutionary notion: I'm fairly new to Houston, and I've been seeing "BP" everywhere. Maybe BP has sponsored other civic events in the past and I'm just behind the irony curve. Doesn't it strike anyone as odd (or just plain wrong) that British Petroleum was chosen to sponsor Houston's Independence Day festivities?

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