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Houston Press Music Awards Showcase 2002

Anguish in Exile
Best Industrial

In its goals to merge death-metal and industrial music and "really fuck shit up," Anguish in Exile pretty much succeeds. Grim, torturous, unspeakable themes rumble through metallic and electronic sludge, but the result yields a surprisingly intense regard for humanity. It's obvious the band isn't concerned with blazing new musical trails by mining the past. Anguish in Exile found its niche by luxuriating in its own scene; it took itself out of the running for widespread acclaim, instead continuing to industrialize brutal death metal for those who'll take this music to their graves. If that's your poison, then it's medication time. -- T.S.
5 p.m. Spy (inside)

Blue October
Best Rock/Pop

Fondue Monks
Fondue Monks
Lisa y Aventura
Lisa y Aventura

Dropped by Universal Records after disappointing sales for 2000's Consent to Treatment, Blue October nevertheless continues to please its strong (if damaged) following. Lead singer Justin Furstenfeld's self-described "bipolar rock" teeters somewhere between "indie" and "modern," according to the band's Web site. Ryan Delahoussaye's violin doubles as a keyboard through tight arrangements, smart hooks and anguished lyrics seemingly designed to make the average Creed fan cry harder. Furstenfeld believes his music has legs, with or without a label. He has described his most recent material as some of the best he could put his name on. And bitter from dealing with the corporate spin (lest it send him into another agoraphobic hell), he'd rather let it speak for itself. -- T.S.
9 p.m. Spy (outside)

Bozo Porno Circus
Best Industrial

Known as much for its sexually adventurous stage shows as its menacing industrial dance/metal music, BPC continues to prove that studded leather crotchless panties are a unisex garment. The band recently released Regenerate, on which some musical improvement is apparent. Though the sound remains hard and dark, there's also a touch of hope inspired (believe it or not) by a post-9/11 world. BPC has signed with Chicago industrial label Invisible Records/Underground Inc. The Circus includes Ken Gerhard (vocals), Chris O (guitar, vocals), Ador Charming (drums), Raul (bass), Crispy (guitar) and Bam Bamm (samplers). BPC's dancing ladies of the evening, the attention-grabbing PornStarZZ, are Ms. Pornette, Putty Tat and Candy. This is the perfect band to play your wedding, bar mitzvah or church function. -- B.R.
9 p.m. The Brewery Tap

Texas Johnny Brown
Best Traditional Blues, Songwriter of the Year, Album of the Year (Blues Defender)

For a musician who cut his first solo records in 1949, Texas Johnny Brown remains incredibly vital as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. Drawing from an early career of touring and recording with seminal R&B artists, this longtime Houston resident emerged from retirement over a decade ago to form his own Quality Blues Band. Since then he has entertained audiences (locally, nationally and overseas) with his impeccable musicianship, crafting a sound that is simultaneously rooted in the golden era and blossoming with new ideas. With the release of his second CD, the brilliantly conceived Blues Defender, Brown has achieved his crowning glory -- thus far at least. With his creative genius clearly still fully engaged, he may top himself yet again. -- R.W.
8 p.m. Harlon's Bayou Blues

David Caceres
Best Horns

Seems David Caceres goes out of his way to defy labels. Saxophonist, singer, entertainer, recording artist, educator, jazz, funk, Tejano, fusion, big band -- they all apply. Caceres started his career in his native San Antonio and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. After Berklee, Caceres worked in New York as a session player before returning to Texas (Houston, this time) and joining the Paul English Quartet. He's since launched his own band, the David Caceres Quintet, but still finds time to perform with Stratus and TKoH! He's recorded several of his own albums and also guested on some with La Mafia, the late Tod Vullo and Michael Kay. And he's appeared on stage with everyone from Wynton Marsalis to the Drifters to Little Joe Hernandez. Somewhere along the way, he even managed to teach music at HSPVA and the University of Houston. -- O.F.A
5 p.m. The Mercury Room

Hayes Carll
Best Folk, Best New Act

There must be something in the plastic cups of Shiner or the hodgepodge shrine to Townes Van Zandt that inspires the musicians and assorted hangers-on who gather week after week at the Old Quarter Acoustic Café in Galveston. Hayes Carll is the latest talent to emerge after a few years of open-mike performances. More recently, Sisters Morales gave him a boost by letting him open for them at bigger clubs around the state. The gangly singer-songwriter describes his home club as "the best bar ever except that they don't have liquor, food or customers." Carll found better songwriting material while strumming at biker bars on the Bolivar Peninsula's infamous Highway 87; his observations of the crowds wound up on his stunning debut, Flowers and Liquor. -- G.B.
5 p.m. Lotus Lounge

Sean Carnahan
Best Dance/DJ

It looks like Sean Carnahan has finally achieved his goal of becoming the Frank Sinatra of the local turntable crowd. The handsome house stylist and his Rat Pack -- DJ Mir, Vishnu and Champa Moore -- have joined forces to form their own label, Tastylick Records. Every week the quartet meets up at the Davenport Lounge (their Sands Hotel) to spin their latest mixes, entertain the crowd and shoot the shit. But Carnahan still manages to stay in touch with the rest of the local club scene, as evidenced by his long-running nightlife Web site ( and his "Night Seen" columns in Paper City. Hell, it won't be long before he starts dispatching goons to put a stompdown on his rivals. Um, on second thought, better strike that! -- C.D.L.
8 p.m. Spy (upstairs)

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