Falun Follow-up

Plus: Porn Priorities?, House Woes, Sit on It

I know that this town is going to hell in a handbasket because of our dependency on the energy business (just like in the '80s), but why do we have to let our social scene go down the drain as well? Some clubs (like the late Metropol) have tried to start a new music revolution in this town, and now it's up to us to help move it along. Tell your local club promoter, "Enough with the '80s, let's hear something new!"

Bob Schroeder

Clarifying Notions

The July 11 feature "The Gong Show" reported on a Falun Gong practitioner in Houston and his family and their problems with the Chinese government because of their religious beliefs. To clarify and correct some points in the article:

  • Falun Gong practitioners believe there is a sunny spinning wheel in their abdomen when they exercise, but they don't think about or visualize the wheel during those exercises -- although some of the most advanced practitioners say they can see it.
  • Jason Wang did not sell his textbooks. He did give some away.
  • There are disagreements on whether Master Li Hongzhi changed his birth date to coincide with the anniversary of Buddha's birth. Some publications have reported that Master Li did change the date and Chinese government authorities say he did that, although Falun Gong practitioners say he was born on the same day as Buddha, albeit in a different century.
  • Li never claimed to be more powerful than Jesus Christ, according to his followers. The Chinese government says he did.
  • Master Li never equated homosexuality with homicide. He does consider both of them vices.
  • Falun Gong has no specific concept of condemned souls. Li did not say there is only one path to salvation. He says there are many paths, although he thinks his is best.
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