Summer Games

Everyone's a front-runner in the race to land the Olympics

Damn straight the story should have said that. We know that if we can't get the phrase "described herein" into a news story, it's a wasted day.

There's other evidence of newfound playfulness in our city's daily. We offer two sentences: One, from a July 14 editorial railing against any investigation of President Bush's shady financial past: "As a director Bush accepted favorable and legal loans from Harken Energy Corp., but he has summoned the gumption to condemn the practice and call for its end."

That's one way of looking at it, we guess.

Exhibit 2: From a straightforward page 1 news story July 16 about scandal-plagued Halliburton relocating its headquarters from Dallas to Houston: "Only 20 people work in the Halliburton headquarters office in Dallas, [a company spokesman] said. But Houston will gain some prestige by being the home base for another large energy company."

With prestige like that, who needs Enron?

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