Crazy World

Javier Téllez's work at Sicardi Gallery explores the insanity of "sanity"

Another Lebrija photograph, 15,753 Kilometros (2002), is a shot of an eroded asphalt road overhung by green trees. An amorphous white splat looms over half the image. It's bird shit running down a windshield; the photograph is labeled after the car's odometer reading. You can feel the heat and exhaustion of traveling down a rural road encased in a metal conveyance as nature moves in on you, even the birds expressing their contempt.

"Thinking Local" is a satisfying show. Let's hope the MFAH will provide Rangel with similar free rein in its galleries.

Other ArtHouston Shows

Gonzalo Lebrija's 15,753 Kilometros: Bird shit as high art.
Gonzalo Lebrija's 15,753 Kilometros: Bird shit as high art.


Through August 10; 713-529-1313
Sicardi Gallery, 2246 Richmond

Barbara Davis Gallery: Blowing up to large scale the trend of peel-and-stick art, Santiago Cucullu's meandering angular images use faux bois contact paper and strong solid colors to create large graphic drawings. Through August 10. 2627 Colquitt, 713-520-9200.

Gerhard Wurzer Gallery: "30 Years of Landfall Press" features an excellent selection of prints from artists such as Sol Le Witt, Vernon Fisher, Christo and Pat Steir. The quirky envelope paintings of septuagenarian Jack Boynton use the artist's mail as a conceptual point of departure. The titles express a wry wit; a gestural image painted on an envelope bearing the letterhead of a law firm is called Enlightenment. Through August 31. 1217 South Shepherd, 713-523-4300.

McClain Gallery: In "Biometrica: An Interactive Installation," Thédra Cullar-Ledford explores the brave new world of personal identification with a comically overbuilt contraption that incorporates iris and fingerprint scanners. "In the Abstract: A Painting Survey" features the work of gallery artists including the late Laurent Boccara, whose Ladder #1 is a calm, chromatically ascending series of canvases. Through August 10. 2242 Richmond, 713-520-9988.

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