Down the Hall

Lurid sex allegations can't keep Baylor's big-time lobbyist from bouncing back

"I guess zero tolerance just depends on how much money you're bringing in" [for Baylor], he says.

While the college remained silent about any action against Kleinworth, McManus says in her affidavit that officials reported to her that he had been placed on administrative leave for four weeks and was scheduled to return to his regular duties last week.

Simpson says McManus initially was told Kleinworth would be fired, but the attorney and his client believe executives of the college interceded to reduce that discipline. Simpson also says that Baylor contends the lobbyist was disciplined for insubordination -- misuse of the Austin apartment -- rather than sexual harassment.

McManus, meanwhile, was handed a list of job openings elsewhere within the college and told that a transfer might be available for her. "Her response was that 'I've been here for 15 years; I've been working in this department for 11 years; I didn't do anything wrong,' " Simpson says. "They basically gave her the ultimatum to apply for another position or deal with it."

Kleinworth also was moved down the hall away from McManus's desk, Simpson reports. "That's the most absurd response I've ever come across in a harassment case," he says. "The ironic thing is that he's now right next to the women's restroom -- she's going to have to walk past him every day."

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