Warmed Over

Plus: Shoe Scuff, Stand Up, Broiler Steam

It is painfully apparent that Shoe associates with the type of frustrated musicians who receive little or no recognition (and rightfully so).

As for the allegation that Bozo Porno Circus has no talent, Shoe is entitled to an opinion. However, recent comments by ex-Ministry members Chris Connelly and Martin Atkins -- that we are "brilliant" and have "great riffs" -- seem to carry more weight. Furthermore, we do possess the minimum ten synthesizers required to be eligible as industrial.

Ken Gerhard, Bozo Porno Circus

Nominee not: To paraphrase Ezra Charles, any Houston's Best DJ poll without my name on the ballot is a joke. DJ Sun couldn't mix his dick with his balls if he held them in the same hand. Rusted Shut put it best when they suggested what you can do with your awards.

As for Best Industrial, may Bozo Porno Circus succumb to the Music Awards jinx in the worst way possible and…uh, er…wait: As I was saying, I pray to the denomination of my choice's god that no innocent Music Awards winner falls prey to this insidious jinx. Especially DJ Sun, whose needles I'm not worthy of licking clean.

Grant (a.k.a. Mookie) Whitehead

Stand Up

Baylor blues: I want to go on record on behalf of the moral and ethical standards of Annette McManus ["Down the Hall," by George Flynn, August 8]. I have known her for more than ten years. I would as well like to compliment the Houston Press for your coverage and exposure of such an abomination of the alleged theft of goods and services by the scum-bum known as her boss.

Having myself lobbied the legislature on behalf of crime victims and the establishment of crime victims' rights, I am not shocked that this goes on. I am shocked that an institution such as Baylor College of Medicine would handle this so flippantly.

Now the big question: Is the IRS going to let this be swept under the rug? Are the Baylor alumni going to let this be swept under the rug? Is the public going to continue in its complacent posture after such fine and thorough reporting?

Okay, Joe Q. Public, here's your chance to make your voice heard, or otherwise stop complaining!

Phyllis Morrow-Garcia

Italian Beef

Windy City wonders: Enjoyed my visit to Thelma and her fabulous brisket ["When Jeffrey Met Thelma," by Robb Walsh, July 11]! Also the column on Chicago dogs! And congratulations on your book!

Here's a suggestion for another Chicago delicacy that's hard to find in Houston: Go to Hot Dogs by Harlan on the west side of Dairy Ashford just north of Westheimer and get yourself an Italian beef sandwich. Harlan Shapiro's family was my husband's neighbor in Chicago years ago. (The only other place to get one is the Lasagna House III, or to cook it yourself.)

Jamie Slein

Broiler Steam

Bad burger experience: How can you dare recommend the Bellaire Broiler Burger [Cafe Capsules, August 8]? We went there after reading your review but were very disappointed. At best, this place is filthy and run-down. It took us 30 minutes before our orders were ready, and they weren't even cooked properly. The french fries are bad and the onion rings greasy.

I'd rather go next door to the Roadster Grill (or even Jax Grill). At least it's clean and they cook my meat the way I want.

John Delayre

Forget the Kids

Taste is tops: I find your opinion on the taste of the Lopez Mexican restaurant menu to be a bit critical, and excuse me for saying, but very disagreeable ["The Family Formula," by Pableaux Johnson, August 15]. Do you honestly think that all of us loyal customers keep coming back because of the kid-friendly atmosphere or cheap cuisine? No, it's because of the wonderful tastes from their menu.

Perhaps New Orleans gave you too much of the wrong taste in your mouth to know what really good Mexican food is. All you need to do is ask the loyal customers who have been going there since Lopez was a hole-in-the-wall and you had to wait outside in the heat just to get in.

I appreciate your comments about the great home atmosphere they create and their cheap menus and quick service, but I just think you've done Lopez an injustice by being so critical of their great food -- the real reason we keep coming back.

April Schlaht

Hard on Hugo's

Mexican food fight: I've been to Hugo Ortega's and consider his Hugo's a nice try ["That Sneaky Tex-Mex Camel," by Robb Walsh, July 25]. His comment about chips and salsa is completely wrong. I was born in Mexico City and have lived there a great part of my life, and know there are very, very few restaurants where they will serve chips and salsa on request.

Chips are not a thing people eat as an appetizer in Mexico, as you know very well. Mr. Ortega says that his food is not really Mexican because he uses locally produced ingredients -- what a piece of BS! Some of the best carnitas in Mexico City are made with pork bellies imported from here. The origin of the ingredients does not define the style of cooking. If your food is made according to the original recipes of, let's say, Hungary, then you can safely say that your food is Hungarian.

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