Warmed Over

Plus: Shoe Scuff, Stand Up, Broiler Steam

Mr. Ortega is not familiar with true Mexican food. Serving lobster with mayonnaise and refried beans (for God's sake!) shows that he is not familiar with fine Mexican cooking.

Besides that, he needs to define his venue: Is Hugo's a taqueria or a serious restaurant? I wish him well, but I'm afraid this is just another missed opportunity to showcase the wonderful cuisine of Mexico.

Arturo Castaneda
Sugar Land

Simpleton Joys

On their way: Thank you for the cover story on a band that absolutely deserves it ["Baby, You're a Star," by John Nova Lomax, August 8]. Brian Clements is on a pathway to the cover of Rolling Stone and always has been. The success of Simpleton will mirror something of a No Doubt story. I hope the other guys hang on for the ride, 'cause the guy has it. B.C. once told me that he wished he could sing like me and later that night, when I saw "Taste of Garlic," I almost cried. I will never jump on the bandwagon because that motherfucker is an airplane. More power to them, and baby, you are gonna be a star.

Peter Ringlaben

Hip-hop Heaven

Ethnic enigma: Nightfly, okay, you're a good columnist, but you seem biased [Nightfly, by Craig D. Lindsey, August 8]. At first I thought you were not black but just a dude who really likes hip-hop. But lately you seem black.

I love how you cut places like Sempers, Max's and other spots. These are places where I slum, like if there's no place worth going to, you can go there and hear a tired-assed pickup line, see some awful clothes and a good fight in the parking lot.

My pet peeve about you is you don't cover jazz unless it's mediocre. You have good taste in hip-hop, though. And I think I have a mini-crush on you.

Colette Semien

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