Sloppy Joes

For Austin's Weary Boys, energy and exuberance trump technique

But since all of the players are at the same level of inspired newness, it seems to click. "I think the more we learned to play together, the more it worked," Sluyter theorizes. "It's really weird when we play with other people. It's basically a growing experience, but you really have to learn to play the song."

Something's going right for the group. They've managed to get two self-released CDs out in the past year and enjoy an ever-expanding regional circuit, while other acts with discs released by actual labels infrequently venture beyond the Austin city limits. Perhaps persistence is the key to the Weary Boys' success. They tried to record a live album earlier this year at Louisiana's notorious Angola prison (where Leadbelly did time) and saw the plan go down in flames because of a technical snafu. Yet the group will return next month to play the prison rodeo and record again.

Fast and loud can sound better than skill. Punk and the Weary Boys are proof.
Fast and loud can sound better than skill. Punk and the Weary Boys are proof.


Wednesday, September 11, and Wednesday, September 18; 713-529-9899
Continental Club, 3700 Main Street

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When they look at what they've accomplished in two short years in Austin, the Weary Boys almost start sounding like grateful award-winners. Almost. "We feel real fortunate to have the success we've had," Salvi says in all sincerity. Then he adds with a wink, "At least that's what we say."

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