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Plus: Rebuttal Witness, Doctoring the Ratings, Breeding Greed?

I am not against "reality shows," or the First Amendment. All I can do is be disgusted by, and enraged at, the ethics of New Screen Concepts Inc. Memorial Hermann Hospital is guilty of perpetuating this situation by permitting this company to openly accost patients and patients' families to get free footage. How dare Memorial Hermann claim neutrality when it started entirely with them to begin with? The hospital's quest for positive publicity is a pathetic example of vanity run amok.

I am greatly enraged for the Walter family, and though I am only one "regular" person, I will make every effort to deploy an assault of words to the individuals responsible for increasing the family's agony.

Charmaine Chandler

Rush to ratings: I am disgusted at the lengths to which a wealthy network will go in order to ensure ratings. The blatant disregard and pernicious exploitation of this innocent family in their time of grief is appalling. I condemn all of those responsible; they are all human garbage. Too bad they weren't around to film the holocaust.

Jason Molloy

NSC really cared: As someone who signed a release and appeared briefly on Houston Medical, I am writing to set the record straight about New Screen Concepts and ABC. My sister, Dr. Marnie Rose, was one of the doctors featured on Houston Medical.

The people at NSC were amazing. They took care of Marnie both on and off the screen. When she didn't want to tell anyone about a bad diagnosis, they refused to film her until she called someone. Mitchell, Janice, Chuck and the others really made Marnie's last days so much better.

After the filming had stopped weeks before, who was in Marnie's room while she was taking her final breaths? Our friends from New Screen Concepts. Marnie considered Mitchell and New Screen to be part of her family. We couldn't have had a better experience with ABC or NSC.

Myles Rose

Sonic Boom

Bradford beef: Great story about our not-so-great police chief ["Myths and Legends," by Margaret Downing, September 5].

Spence Kerrigan
HoustonWhite fright: Give me a break! The only civil rights violated were those of the people and businesses who had to put up with that drag racing and loitering for all this time. These types of raids have happened in the past in predominantly minority areas -- all with "zero tolerance." Throw in a few little white kids and some of Daddy's money and the world has come to an end. Where were these kids' parents? Why were they out so late? If they were really shopping, I have no doubt Kmart wouldn't mind them hanging around.

Have you checked the crime reports for that area? How many drive-bys were there? How about car accidents? How about fights? How many times have police had to break up crowds there before? Did you get the stats on that? No. So why don't you do some investigative reporting? Give us all the facts -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Bernadette Aguirre

Mattress Support

Accessible, irrepressible: In response to your attack article on Mattress Mac [The Insider, by Tim Fleck, September 5]:

When was the last time a major player in the Houston business community could be reached personally by phone? Neither Bob McNair nor Drayton McLane takes calls from the general public, and certainly not from the Houston Press.

Mac always tries to do the right thing, and even your inflammatory reporting pointed out that Mac vowed to pay for everything and make things right with all parties. I have had many dealings with Mac; he is very busy but will always listen, even if only for two minutes.

Mr. Bates probably approached Mac in a less-than-nice manner, and Mac's offer of multiples of what was owed is typical of Mac's "make the customer happy" attitude.

I continue to read the Press, but this type of attack was unwarranted.

John Finlay

Liftoff: I loved the drawing of Mac that accompanied this column by Tim Fleck. There's Mac -- being propelled upward by his own gas.

Bruce Hart

Bad Ad

Demeaning to Islam: As an American Muslim, I am very upset to view such an ad or even a film as The Sex Life of the Prophet Muhammad [display ads, September 12]. Please respect the other faiths and prophecies. It is very disturbing to learn that the Press is a source of promoting such materials, which would be offensive to any religion or faith. Please refrain from such material about religion or religious leaders.

Muzaffar Hussain
North Ridge, California

Painful reaction: As a Muslim, it is very painful to see this. It is hurting our feelings, and we are ashamed to hear that even now people are keeping all these irrational feelings.

Name withheld by request

Publisher's note: We recognize the concerns voiced and will not run the advertisement in the future. We apologize if the Houston Press offended anyone within our community by publishing this ad.

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