Best Wishes

Plus: RAD Is Bad, In God's Name, and Ay, Carrabba!

Best Wishes

City thoughts: Thank you for the Best DJ We'll Miss award [Best of Houston, September 26]. It's an honor to know that I was able to touch anyone through my music, especially enough to have any of them miss me when I moved on. To be considered one of the most respected DJs to come from the beat-droppin' H-town is beautiful in itself, but to say that I was an integral component to the local dance scene? Dayum, honey, you have left me speechless.

Houston was, and will continue to be, my second home. It gave me something that my own home, San Antonio, didn't: hustle and drive. Its dance music scene welcomed me, supported me and showed me love. More important, though, it gave me respect and nurtured my passion.

I was given opportunities there that I would have never had back home. Plus, its urban rawness, motivation (to make something of yourself) and its support of music and the arts reminded me of the city I spent a good chunk of my early teens in: Washington, D.C.

Anyhow, thanks to the Houston Press, all my friends, all the people who heard me play, all the promoters and everyone else. This next level in my life wouldn't have been possible without the support and room they gave me to grow.

Oktober Davila
Chicago, Illinois

Sliced out: Congratulations on another fine Best of Houston issue. I have only one small gripe: How in the world could you omit Best Pizza (or even Best Italian Restaurant)?! My vote: Romano's Pizza on West Gray. I'm a transplanted New Yorker, and it gets my vote as being the only authentic pizza in Houston. Just like home!

Cory Hawryluk

Dig the Bigs: Kudos to your paper for recognizing Big Brothers Big Sisters as Best Nonprofit. How about going a step further and featuring the organization and telling some of its success stories?

I've been a Big Sister for six years, and believe me, there is plenty that Bigs could share and plenty that Littles can teach society. My Little teaches me every day that it takes so little to make a difference.

Luci Rivera

RAD Is Bad

Gross out: Excellent coverage of the broad range of issues involved with reactive attachment disorder ["Holding On," by Wendy Grossman, September 19] and the dangerous treatments that have been concocted for it. Having had the opportunity to review the assaults that Jeannie Warren was subjected to at the hands of Dr. Gross and his staff several years ago, I was astounded at the lengths to which practitioners will go in their pursuit of a "cure." I thought it was quite clear that the therapists involved would rather have her dead than untreated, and I think that treatment reimbursements played a large role in determining that attitude.

Dr. Gross has been a fugitive from U.S. justice for years. He has been convicted of fraud in association with his work with patients like Ms. Warren and has been hiding in England for several years to avoid jail.

If you receive inquiries from patients who have been abused in psychiatric settings, please feel free to pass on our toll-free number: 800-572-2905. We offer free medical reviews and assistance in filing complaints with appropriate state and federal agencies.

Andrew Prough, executive director
Texas Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Utah law: I think the story is great. It was given to me at the Utah capitol yesterday when we held hearings on my bill banning this type of therapy. It passed committee without dissent.

Thank you for your good work.

Representative Mike Thompson
Orem, Utah

In God's Name

Right is right: This column ["Basic Truths," by Margaret Downing, September 12] is dripping with left-wing hypocrisy. Professor Tarciscio Beal apparently suffers from dyslexia, unable to discern right from left.

The article quotes him stating that Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition "is loaded with single-issue groups (anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-liberal, anti-government, pro-school prayer, etc.) that...loathe diversity." I guess if this delegitimates a group, then the pro-death, pro-gay, pro-liberal, pro-big government, anti-school prayer Democratic party that loves diversity (as long as you think just like they do) should just disband.

I almost fell on the floor laughing when I read Mzzz Downing's apparent opinion not to listen to "religious leaders on the Internet reaching out with their special breed of church-blessed hatred tearing apart the Koran and Muslims."

Hmm. How do you object to what they're saying if you don't listen to them?! Seems that liberals feel free to treat conservative Christians just like they accuse conservative Christians of supposedly treating Muslims.

If militaristic Christian soldiers hadn't marched against the infidel in the Middle Ages, we'd all be speaking Arabic now and living under Islamic law. I wonder how pluralistic and diverse that culture would have been?

Eldon Roehl

L-word hell: Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is reassuring to know that someone else believes you can love God, try to live a moral life and still have compassion and tolerance for those with different views and lifestyles.

It is also great to hear that belief in God and practicing a moral life does not compel me to vote Republican on every issue or for every candidate.

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