Buenos Aires Virus

Continental Club dweller Glover Gill would sooner starve to death than give up playing tango. Not that guys who back Pavarotti and score Hollywood films waste away that often.

And as this column goes to press, Gill will be unpacking his bags in tango heaven again. He's spending the bulk of October in Buenos Aires, and when he returns November 4 to his part-time home at the Continental Club (like Lil' Joe Washington, Gill lives where he gigs, at least some of the time), he'll have a new solo tango album out.

He's calling it Glover Gill Solo Piano. Racket, in his infinite dorkiness, was ready to supply a new title. How about Glover Gill -- El Romántico?

"Nah," Gill says. "El Lunático, maybe."

Scuttlebutt Caboose

At the close of nearly every show on his ongoing world tour, Elvis Costello has been playing local bluesman Jimmy "T-99" Nelson's "I'm Gonna Miss Show Business." So author and Press contributor Roger Wood thought it would be cool if Nelson and Costello could meet while he was in town, and the summit was arranged. The two hit it off famously -- they talked for about half an hour and even sang an impromptu duet backstage at the Verizon. Costello is an ardent fan of Houston blues; he's called Bobby "Blue" Bland's Two Steps From the Blues the greatest album of all time, and gushed about it last year in the hoity-toity pages of Vanity Fair....Benefits, benefits, benefits. Pick a crime-related cause and we've got your concert. The Dollar-A-Band Benefit at the Axiom on October 19 features The Neckbreakers, Luxurata, The Cottonmouth Cathouse Boogie Band, JW Americana, Irene, The John Sparrow and Poor Dumb Bastards. Maybe the folks at the Axiom flunked first grade math, because the cover is actually only $6 for the seven-band lineup. All proceeds go to help replace sound equipment swiped from the Axiom in a burglary last summer. Out in Sharpstown that same day, the Charismatics, the Filthy Skanks, Ale, Siding With No One and New Automatic will take the Cardi's stage in support of the October 22nd Coalition, a national group whose bulky slogan is "Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation." Having nothing to do with the police blotter is the "Rock the Atomic Age" benefit on October 18 at Mary Jane's. Instead, it's sort of a garage sale/showcase wherein vendors can rent tables for $20 and sell whatever they want, and bands like the Hates, Mr. Hinkus, Dojo Payload, Crash 81, Blueshift Progress, Walk Through Walls and Graffiti Jones can strut their stuff....2001 HP Best Bassist Jessica Buchheit has joined forces with multiple Press Music Awards winner the Tony Vega Band, replacing Brock Proctor.

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