Band of Brothers

Local emocore rockers the Tie that Binds lose one sibling and add another

The band surprised many, including themselves, by becoming one of the three finalists in the citywide battle of the bands contest sponsored lavishly by Lucky Strikes a couple of years back. After besting Simpleton and Faceplant in the semifinals, they took on Moses Guest and the Fondue Monks for the major cash and recording prizes, which eventually went to the Monks.

"We had a great time, but I guess people were just in the mood for funk that night," Richardson laughs.

The Tie that Binds has opened for national acts like Samiam, Rocket from the Crypt and Jimmy Eat World. And the guys from Samiam even crashed at Rudy's pad after the gig. "They had a great south-by-southwest breakfast the next morning," the host remembers. "It was pretty cool."

These guys don't know where Mullah Omar is hiding.
These guys don't know where Mullah Omar is hiding.


Thursday, October 31; 713-862-3838
Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak Drive

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For their upcoming Halloween show supporting Eyeagainst, the bandmates announced somewhat cryptically on their Web site that they will be dressed up and that they expect their audience to do the same. In a slip of the tongue between the first and second pitchers of Shiner, they say their costumes will be a tribute to a 1980s band, but immediately shoot down the Huey Lewis and the News guess that comes their way. A second theory put to the group causes them to emit surprised groans of recognition -- let's just say that audience members wearing yellow jumpsuits and carrying potatoes will not feel out of place.

"Hey, you know those red hats?" Richardson asks. "Um, you know where we can get them?"

No. But it's a good thing they didn't decide to wear white turbans.

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