Too Hot for Love

The Donnas out-Crüe the Crüe with a new spin on the old sex-and-excess glam formula

Shimp married Allison Robertson a year ago, but the other three Donnas remain single and, one might surmise from their lyrics, totally boy-mad. While Mötley Crüe was obsessed with poontang, nearly every song on Spend the Night is about boys, from "All Messed Up on You," where the Donnas are bonkers for some fella, to "It's on the Rocks," where a jerk boyfriend gets the heave-ho. Partying all weekend long, stirring up trouble and regular ganja use have been common themes on all their albums, but ultimately, nearly two-thirds of their songs are about boys.

"You know when we really like a boy, we get really excited," says drummer Castellano. "We all have different kinds of guys that we like. We may all think one guy is really cute and agree on it and everything, but we don't ever compete. The ones that come up to us after a show are often the really drunk guys who are like, 'Let me buy you a drink' or 'Come back to my house,' and we're not into that. A lot of them are too old or too young. My ideal guy would be the Jay character from Jay and Silent Bob, though I've never met him."

"The boy craziness is kind of an exaggeration," says Ford. "Though, we do always have crushes on guys. There was a tour where we had a make-out contest. [The inspiration for the song '40 Boys in 40 Nights.'] But that really doesn't happen all the time."

Big Wheels keep on turnin', proud Donnas keep on burnin'.
Big Wheels keep on turnin', proud Donnas keep on burnin'.


Saturday, November 23; 713-862-3838
Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak Drive

Aside from the pack of girl band geeks who arrive in force at their shows toting cameras, the Donnas, whose songs involve a fair amount of tease, also have the mostly unique problem of horny dudes jumping up on stage and trying to get busy with their favorite Donna. "We have incidents all the time," says Ford. "Some fans just get a little too excited. They're all pumped up because they're rocking out really hard and they want to be part of the show. They're usually really drunk and they don't realize what they're doing. One time our tour manager had to punch this guy in the face, and he was knocked out on the floor. He punched him so hard, it sounded like glass breaking. When we play in Germany, a lot of guys like to jump on stage and take their pants off. I don't know why that happens so often there." Evidently, Germans like to get butt-naked for any occasion, and a Donnas concert is a particularly wunderbar one.

On stage, singer Anderson borrows practically all of her moves from archaic glam metal videos -- remember how David Coverdale pranced around with his mike stand? But their glam thing isn't the least bit ironic. The Donnas truly want to be Mötley Crüe! Certainly, they're capable of writing far more clever songs.

And rock and roll, in its present pussy-whipped state, could use a little more Mötley Crüe-like attitude, and a little more cock rock, for that matter. The Donnas carry on the tradition of fast-lovin', puking-on-your-girl/boyfriend, crashing-your-Harley-into-a-telephone-pole metal -- and they do so in ass-kickin' fashion.

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