Klan Comedy

Plus: Driving Him Mad, Cable Curse, Gay Players

Klan Comedy

Sheet music: I am an African-American at the age of 53 who, as a black child growing up in the South, saw firsthand the crosses burned in my small town ["Fueling the Ire," by Craig Malisow, November 14]. This is the first time I saw humor in the situation. This was a great article -- you made my day.

Carlotta George

Crossed up: That remedial reading class finally paid off! Sue Green's a Grand Dragon? I always thought that the title was Inferior Lizard.

William Malloy

Driving Him Mad

Mayoral oversight: Great story [The Insider, by Tim Fleck, November 7]. But really, why would you let a DWI offender (Keller) praise another DWI offender (Tollett)? It is a sad case that we have elected and appointed officials who make up ordinances for the citizens of Houston but cannot obey them.

The mayor clearly has issues with his staff, but he really needs to clean house and make the best out of his last year in office. Whoever the mayor appoints needs to grab ahold of the bulls gone mad (councilmembers) and get 'em in line.

William "Bill" White (not the mayoral candidate)

Cable Curse

Playing monopoly: I was ill upon reading the story of Olivia Jolly and her son ["Bad Reruns," by Wendy Grossman, November 7]. I, too, have suffered at the hands of Time Warner, albeit not as seriously as the Jollys. The customer representatives were equally unhelpful regarding my bad cable connection.

I, too, was told by repairmen that my television was the problem, not their service. Finally, I canceled my account, vowing never to patronize the hellacious Time Warner monopoly again. However, they continued to charge me for two months of service, even though I had no working cable in my apartment. After calling the company several times to alert them to their mistake, I received notice from an agency employed by Time Warner, warning me that my account was about to be turned over to collections unless I paid them the $300 immediately.

Basically, they extorted $300 from me, and the only recourse I had was to register my disgust and outrage over the phone. Time Warner is indeed a shitty company. And I applaud the Houston Press for spreading the word on their vile and diseased business practices.

Christa Forster

Piercing puzzle: I read your story about Olivia Jolly and was totally intrigued and upset.

How in the world did that red cable line pierce the four-inch PVC sewer line? Those PVC pipes are tough. A puncture like that in the printed photograph would have to be caused by something tantamount to a drill bit.

Conceivably this sort of nightmare could happen at my house even if Time Warner digs in someone else's yard. I must say this sort of irresponsibility and incompetence is worrisome, especially since the Time Warner field representative told Jolly it happens all the time.

I also find it difficult to believe that the City of Houston would let Time Warner behave so recklessly. I would expect that there are ordinances saying that all utility lines and pipes have to be mapped out in detail before anyone can dig a hole to shoot a cable through the ground.

David Bao

Past writer's wrong: In response to "Play Ball" [Letters, November 14] -- as landlord HISD's policy states, HISD must first determine that its property is not needed for school purposes before it is sold or leased out. The lease between HISD and the Post Oak Little League and Post Oak YMCA expires in December 2003. The Post Oak Pony League has no legal lease in place for use of any land whatsoever at HISD's T.H. Rogers campus. HISD, as required by its policy, is evaluating the needs of the landlord for the leased property prior to tying it up, rent free, for another five-year period ["Power Plays," by Margaret Downing, October 24].

T.H. Rogers educates 734 special education and gifted students but has no large open playing field for their many uses and needs. Consider how that differs from HISD's "Core Values":

• Safety -- During school hours, tenants use the gravel road between the recess area and students' field to drive trucks, front-end loaders and tractors to maintain the baseball fields.

• Learning -- A Texas Parks and Wildlife grant for the creation of an outdoor science education center needed to be turned down last year because of lack of available land on our 7.5-acre campus.

We will continue our commitment of working together in the hope that in the spirit of cooperation and sharing the good of the children -- all of the children -- will be served, because that is what it's all about.

As for the letter writer's "simply stated" claim: You should not remain quiet if what is being said around you is uninformed and incorrect. You didn't do your homework about my family members -- there are Gays at Post Oak Little League and Post Oak Pony Leagues!

Peggy Sue Gay

Election Blues

Olsen returns: Judging by the outcome of the election, enough people must have either voted straight for the Grand Old Party or belonged to an influential minority of voters from the legal "profession" that contributed to Judge Olsen's campaign with the unconscionable intention of seeking court favors ["Judging Rory," by Margaret Downing, October 31].

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