Taking a Toll

A bridge to Bolivar might be good for business -- but not for the birds

The Harris County Toll Road Authority asked the Texas Attorney General's Office for what Strech calls a codification clarification of the Texas Transportation Code. It would determine if HCTRA can undertake a project that is entirely outside of Harris County and that doesn't directly link to any road within Harris County. Strech believes the authority can do such a project if it is invited in by the host county and the state transportation agency.

"We think it's a minor deal," says Strech, but if the attorney general doesn't agree, HCTRA "may have to go to the legislature" to amend the transportation code.

Mundy says talk of a land swap caused "alarm" bells to go off.
Scott Nowell
Mundy says talk of a land swap caused "alarm" bells to go off.

Mundy says if that happens, the Houston Audubon Society may take drastic action. "This is serious. It's the kind of deal where you link arms and stand in front of the bulldozers."

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