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Plus: Wonderful Rubbish, Dems Don't Get It, Peeved at Parsons

Wherever my daughter and I went in Seattle, the attitudes were the same. Seattle loves Chihuly and is proud of its "native son." I am so embarrassed for the city of Houston. How can we play host to such an incredible artist and then allow one art-illiterate reviewer to berate his work?

I have always been a staunch supporter of the Houston Press, and I respect your opinions, but I hope you will take another look at this incredible work before making a decision for the entire city. Chihuly is an icon in the world of glass. He has worked hard to get to where he is today, and he has never forgotten his roots.

Before the reviewer starts casting stones, she should be aware of the beauty of the glass that is on display.

Janet Knape

Cheap Art

MFA's a real deal: John Devine's suggestion that $17 to view the impressionist exhibits being shown at the MFAH is "expensive" makes one wonder where his priorities lie ["Manet, Monet, Money," November 28]. A general admission concert ticket is now $75, movie tickets hover at $10, and the circus peanut gallery is about $13.

The price is pretty much in line with the general milieu and certainly cheaper than a trip to the Louvre in Paris. It should be mentioned that a $60, two-person, year-long membership at the Museum of Fine Arts entitles the members to admission to all exhibits all year long, free art classes two or three times a week, free movies that cannot be found on other screens, members-only parties, family days full of all sorts of entertainment and lectures.

As a single mother, the museum has afforded me and my daughter countless hours of quality educational entertainment on weekends that has rounded off to a whopping $2.50 per person a week. It's the best-kept entertainment secret in Houston. I challenge John Devine to find a better family entertainment value anywhere.

Susan Modikoane

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