Alien-ated Youth

They're the next step in human evolution. But they're just like everybody else.

As proof of Jan's exceptional talent, her grandmother pulls out an example of her artwork, a crayon drawing of a rainbow, stick family and M-shaped birds flying in the sky. "Most all of her pictures are rainbows," Spence says, noticing a theme running throughout her work. She feels that must have something to do with Jan's ability to see auras. She also points out the plant Jan drew with watermelons, pears and other fruit growing on it. "God told her that was how plants were going to grow."

Jan doesn't quite agree. "I just made it up," she says. Like many Indigos, she's very shy about discussing her abilities. Once she has drawn for a few minutes, Jan feels comfortable enough to talk. She admits she feels she's different "when Satan tries to come in my head." Most of the time, she says, Satan tries to come in at night. (Indigos often receive their visions through dreams.) Jan shrugs when asked what sorts of information she receives, and continues to draw. She says she knows she's an Indigo because "my mother told me."

Jake found out he was an Indigo when his mother read a book on the subject. His mother's psychic recently told him he might even be higher than that, something called a Crystalline Child. "I think she was telling me so I could understand him better," she says. What he needs to do in this world, she says, is to learn to be human. "Once he can conquer that, then he can teach and he can heal, and that's the struggle." The hardest part about raising an Indigo, she says, is not getting the chance to be parents. She starts to recount one epiphany she had when her son realized some insects he caught had a mother and father.

Hugh and Janet Dee (standing) with Janet's Planet's regulars: (from left) Jason Heagny, Rachel Stegall and William Wolf.
Jeff Fitlow
Hugh and Janet Dee (standing) with Janet's Planet's regulars: (from left) Jason Heagny, Rachel Stegall and William Wolf.
Wolf, Stegall and Heagny at home on the (Janet's) Planet.
Jeff Fitlow
Wolf, Stegall and Heagny at home on the (Janet's) Planet.

"You said that," Jake objects. "You're the one who said it had a mother and father."

"I wasn't in your classroom," his mother says.

"You told me."

"He's always talking about God," Jake's mother continues. "But it's not questioning -- he knows." Yet she had never taken him to church. What's more, he remembers his past lives. "He's always talking about his other mother, his other fathers and siblings, and he'll tell you how they died," Jake's mother says. Just the other day, Jake said he didn't want to hurt her feelings, but that his other mother was prettier.

Jake runs into the school bathroom, slams and locks the door. "I'm not making fun of you," his mother calls after him. If she doesn't talk about him, she explains through the door using her most soothing voice, "there won't be other people who understand who you are, and who Jan is, and what it's like to try and help." After a few moments, she says that Jake probably feels she's betrayed his trust, since he doesn't want other people knowing about his gifts. "His teacher can't teach him. His speech teacher can't teach him. His occupational therapist can't teach him."

Jackie Brahm, a local "medical intuitive" who counsels Indigos, says it's not uncommon for their parents to have no control over them. Because they're so advanced, the kids don't feel like they have to obey. According to Brahm, this is why many Indigos get misdiagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. "They don't know how to process all the energy that's coming through, so they overload and react fairly badly to it."

Through her practice, Brahm has been able to hone her abilities for spotting these special children, and says she's been seeing an increasing number of them in public places. She found one three-year-old Indigo recently at a museum, critiquing one of the paintings on the wall. When the mother asked her how she could know, the girl explained that she used to be a "master." But when the mother asked if she would like to take up painting and demonstrate some of the abilities she learned in a past life, the girl thrust her hands on her hips, and said, "I told you, I was a master, I don't need to do it again."

Similarly, Jan refuses to do her homework because it's boring. She often objects by saying, "I know already. You don't have to tell me."

"They do not agree with the way society runs things," Brahm explains. "They think we're kind of stupid, that we've screwed things up." Brahm says that behavioral problems usually lie with the parents. To help, Brahm suggests including the children in the decision-making process, even allowing them to determine the punishments they should receive for infractions.

Kevin Krull, an adjunct assistant professor who runs clinical research on cognitive deficits at Texas Children's Hospital, sees a potential danger in misdiagnosing kids as Indigo. Youngsters with ADD who are not treated, he says, can experience declines in IQ and academic performance, and they have an increased rate of drug use.

Though Krull admits there has been a recent increase in children's IQ scores, there are a number of explanations, such as greater access to computers, the way tests are administered, and better nutrition and education. In general, he hasn't noticed any peculiar trends among children other than a slight curvature in their spines due to the increased use of backpacks.

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Plus I'm not an alien.  I'm not telepathic, or telekinetic, or anything like that, I don't do drugs, etc.  I have some precog and intuition and small self-healing powers.  


I'm an atheist indigo, and what the article describes isn't accurate at all.  "God" has nothing to do with it.  Ditto with Satan.  It's not religious, it's closer to Diane Duane's Young Wizards books.  These kids are just really religious.


the past lives is not just jakes past its his souls because this is the ae of aquaious everyone that didnt follow gods plan last life gets a second chance , i will say one thing loki was killed by an arrow through the head thats why we have arrow hats there were keys left through time that only "WE" can see


This is real and its a gift from the lord himself i have a very stong aura so present people feel as though i am diffrent they dont know why they think they just do and its not just naturally being great at activites we dream but our dreams the worlds dreams a phrase came to me once children of eden the purple is a stimulation in the right side of the brain some belive controlling esp and this is very true it beings with a simple day dream then it rolls through the clip as i like to call it i became aware of my ability when i was reminissing that i was never babtised as a child , as i grew very depressed over this  prayed to god and said If i died today would i go to heaven i felt goose bumps like ive never felt before and i was told in my mind to go to sleep instantly i feel asleep , ect ( all i can say ) but long story short i belive i would be a great test subject for some research i dont know what brainwave causes this but i do know moses had the gift and he amplified by a golden object when he was building the arc with this blessing you will get a bad feeling b4 something bad happens some call it a gut feeling but nly the ones with the gift can hear it

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