Alien-ated Youth

They're the next step in human evolution. But they're just like everybody else.

Not all Indigos have such a rough time. Rachel Stegall is 26 years old with a bachelor's degree in marine biology and works in a lab at University of Texas Medical Branch. With Brahm's help, she discovered that she was one of the early Indigos. "I always felt I was different," she says. "I always felt more comfortable in nature than with people." She always had a fascination with things from the past, particularly medieval weapons, and yearned to return to the Middle Ages because she wanted to "remember someplace that was happy." She also loved to collect crystals, stones and fossils, and without anyone having to tell her, she instinctually knew that if she put the stones on her cat while it was purring, the vibrations would heal bones. "I always knew I had knowledge I didn't have," she says. "I'm starting to let it fill in."

Discovering she was an Indigo made everything seem to fall into place. "It makes me believe in myself more," she says. Last summer during a boat trip to the Amazon, she decided her purpose was to teach people about protecting whales and the tropical rain forest.

If there's a message she could pass on to other Indigos, it would be that it's "okay to be who you are and to do what you are here to do. That you have a purpose."

Jan, shown with her grandmother, has the Indigo's trait of finding homework boring.
Jeff Fitlow
Jan, shown with her grandmother, has the Indigo's trait of finding homework boring.
Spence offers her granddaughter's artwork as proof of the child's special abilities.
Courtesy of Jill Spence
Spence offers her granddaughter's artwork as proof of the child's special abilities.

As to whether an alien intelligence is behind these unusual children, everyone involved is much more coy. "Nobody really knows," Batten says. "This is a really interesting question."

"I'm guessing maybe alien," Jake's mother says. Brahm might have mentioned something about her son coming from the planet Pleiades. "I don't know. I don't understand all of that."

"I don't know where souls come from. I don't remember," Brahm says, but she will say there are "six places on my genes that are not technically human." Any chance of getting a look at some of that blood work? "I'm not letting them take blood again. I will not become the object of investigation. I worked at a hospital. I know what they do."

The introduction to Carroll and Tober's book An Indigo Celebration, published last year, proclaims somewhat incredulously that readers of their first book "actually concluded that we were promoting the fact that these new children on Earth were space aliens!" A brief browse through their Indigo Children Web site certainly shows how people might have come to that conclusion.

There's a link to the sister site that gives a better idea of the kind of self-help seminars Tober and Carroll are conducting. The site contains transcripts of messages channeled through Carroll from a higher being named Kryon. Carroll is credited as one of only nine channels in the world working "in the service of Kryon." Each channeling begins with the greeting "This is Kryon of Magnetic Service," directed to his followers, whom he refers to as Lightworkers. The messages contain instructions for communicating with spirit, healing and reaching the next "level." Carroll is also the author of several Kryon books, including Don't Think Like a Human.

A competing but similar proponent of the idea of highly evolved children is Richard Boylan, a retired social worker and hypnotherapist who works with what he calls Star Kids. He thinks the proponents of Indigos are noticing the same phenomenon but have taken it a bit too far with the New Age stuff. Boylan instead believes parents are being abducted by aliens and having their DNA manipulated to create enhanced offspring capable of telekinesis and ESP. He's seen absolute proof, but as so often happens in these cases, it's been locked away in some secret government lab. He doesn't suggest doing DNA tests on any Star Kids because any irregularities are so subtle that they can be recognized only by an expert. And as so often happens in these cases, the expert is dead of cancer. (Or was that really the cause of death?)

Some believers have integrated the competing theories by claiming Crystallines, Indigos and Star Kids are all different stages of evolution.

Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic magazine and author of Why People Believe Weird Things, says that aliens have become the newest popular religion, fulfilling many of the same needs. People turn to weird ideas, he says, because they want to believe in something that transcends the ordinary, gives certainty in an uncertain world, or helps them deal with their own mortality. "It comes with having a big cortex," Shermer says. Our brains are designed to find patterns, and sometimes we just connect dots that aren't there.

Comfort may be one of the things Spence has gotten from her belief in Indigos. Though she always believed in some form of metaphysics, what prompted her to seek out Brahm for a psychic reading was her brother's suicide. Brahm gave her some relief, doing a "clearing" of the house so that her brother's spirit would know it was okay to pass on. During their first meeting, Brahm informed Spence that her brother was probably an Indigo, which was why he had such problems dealing with our world. After hearing more about Spence's difficult daughter, Brahm determined that both Spence and Jan were probably Indigos as well. Brahm told Spence that her granddaughter had wanted to be raised by her all along, but had to "go through Mommy" because Spence couldn't have children anymore.

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.....he's already reading at the third grade level. Well considering that's not that hard to do in Houston, TX, I can't take much stock in her word. Huckleberry Finn was considered a children's book in its day-yes that big, fat wordy book was for children, yet teenagers today only begin to read it in advanced classes and barely understand squat. Alice in Wonderland and through the looking glass and what she found there are like super baby-children books, yet most adults now a days can't puzzle their heads around a bloody Jabberwocky poem. I used to instantly solve and read problems simply because I could and then laze about and get poor grades because I wasn't interested at all. But I, along with my peers, could run circles around several Texans at the same age. Yet, my lot were normal for the city area we were raised. Not really all that intelligent-just normal. Put us in a different city, a different state, we're bloody geniuses. Stick us back some hundred or more years and we're not even that capable.

It's absolutely absurd what everyone says is remarkably intelligent when I can list you how much they're not. If your first grader who can supposedly read third grade books, then he should be able disassemble Huckleberry Finn in a second and read my elementary school book of To Kill a Mockingbird in order to compete with that of NORMAL, AVERAGE children some hundred years ago. If he can't, well then, in comparison to back then he's dumber than a sack of potatoes. It's stupid, but our nation is dumbing down people and generations to the point that intelligence standards are lowering significantly. It's not increasing, but decreasing.


Plus I'm not an alien.  I'm not telepathic, or telekinetic, or anything like that, I don't do drugs, etc.  I have some precog and intuition and small self-healing powers.  


I'm an atheist indigo, and what the article describes isn't accurate at all.  "God" has nothing to do with it.  Ditto with Satan.  It's not religious, it's closer to Diane Duane's Young Wizards books.  These kids are just really religious.


the past lives is not just jakes past its his souls because this is the ae of aquaious everyone that didnt follow gods plan last life gets a second chance , i will say one thing loki was killed by an arrow through the head thats why we have arrow hats there were keys left through time that only "WE" can see


This is real and its a gift from the lord himself i have a very stong aura so present people feel as though i am diffrent they dont know why they think they just do and its not just naturally being great at activites we dream but our dreams the worlds dreams a phrase came to me once children of eden the purple is a stimulation in the right side of the brain some belive controlling esp and this is very true it beings with a simple day dream then it rolls through the clip as i like to call it i became aware of my ability when i was reminissing that i was never babtised as a child , as i grew very depressed over this  prayed to god and said If i died today would i go to heaven i felt goose bumps like ive never felt before and i was told in my mind to go to sleep instantly i feel asleep , ect ( all i can say ) but long story short i belive i would be a great test subject for some research i dont know what brainwave causes this but i do know moses had the gift and he amplified by a golden object when he was building the arc with this blessing you will get a bad feeling b4 something bad happens some call it a gut feeling but nly the ones with the gift can hear it

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