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Production mistakes like that are understandable, of course. What's funny enough, however, is that apparently no reader noticed it: James Campbell, the Chron's ombudsman who handles such complaints or questions from the public, said he hadn't heard from a soul about it.

Seen one Tank, seen 'em all, we guess.

Food, Glorious Food

Five months after the departure of Chronicle food editor John DeMers, who for 18 months replaced the legendary Ann Criswell, the paper has a new head for the section.

The choice resulted in loud cheers from some parts of 801 Texas -- but not for the reasons you might expect.

The new food editor is Jane Marshall, who has been the longtime features editor of the paper, overseeing the Houston sections (and supervising the food editor).

In a memo to the troops announcing the change, Chronicle editor Jeff Cohen said Marshall "told us she'd like to make a career change and applied for the position." Cohen noted that Marshall has a nutrition degree and had overseen the food coverage for 15 years ("Quite a few snappy food stories have appeared under her byline during that time," he wrote.)

The move is not apparently the glowing love-fest the memo would have you believe. More than a few people who work under Marshall in the features department are not sad to see her and her volcanic temper go. They apparently made their feelings known to Cohen as he surveyed the departments after coming to the Chron this summer.

She did have her supporters, among them feature writer Marty Racine. But Racine's cushy arrangement -- he works out of New Mexico -- rankled others in the department. When one staffer complained, it led to a confrontation with Marshall that eventually came to the attention of the paper's Human Resources department.

(Defending Racine's setup to Cohen can't have been easy -- he's been telling reporters he wants them and the paper to live, breath, and ooze Houston.)

At any rate, the scuttlebutt says Marshall's change was not as voluntary as the spin being put out. And the Chron is looking for a new features editor, one who hopefully will breathe some life into the tepid department.

What, if anything, this all means for Marshall's husband, uber-bland Metro columnist Thom Marshall, remains to be seen. But vultures are circling, supposedly.

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