A Child Shall Lead Them

Plus: Barrio Ballots, The Art of Accounting, Trolley Volley

Drumline is like any football, military or cheerleading movie except that it portrays historically black university marching band programs and uses this to tell the story. The movie was accurate and it allowed people who haven't experienced it to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into making it all happen.

Your referring to no-name teenage actors beating drums was rude. Well-known actors were once those no-name actors you referred to.

Despite your playing down the movie, people of all races and ages still supported it and clapped at the end. This movie provided plenty of messages. It was wrong for you to act like making a movie about marching band is worthless. You are doing a great injustice to the public as well as to the universities that offer this experience.

Name withheld by request
Missouri City

Crossing the Borders

Transart start: We appreciate Cathy Matusow's listing of our current multimedia exhibition, "finally a place…," at the new Trans-Site Studio space on West Alabama [Art Listings, December 12]. It helped draw people's attention to the transart studio and its mission, which is to create a forum for new art that would not ordinarily be shown at commercial galleries or conventional exhibition venues.

We also hope to involve audiences in the conceptual and contextual processes of intermedia art and art that crosses cultural borders.

Johannes Birringer

Raves for the Wealthy

Money and the merits: Please adjust the Houston Press mantra, and let your writers know that it's okay to write good things about an artist even if he or she makes millions. Chihuly is difficult ["Shattering the Glass," by Kelly Klaasmeyer, November 21]? Name a great artist who wasn't. Chihuly churns out hundreds of works? There are at least three Picasso museums. Can we ever count the number of Warhols in existence?

Chihuly made $23 million last year? Does an artist have to be starving to be legitimate? Get over it! Success is not a bad thing! Artists don't have to die before people start making money off their works, including the artists themselves.

I'll keep saying it until Houston Press critics get it: Your automatic, systematic and totally predictable trashing of any and almost every actor, singer and now artist who is popular, successful and -- heaven forbid, rich -- is B-O-R-I-N-G!

John Middleton

Sub Species

Hoagie hunting: I can ask only this about your "submarine sandwich" review ["Sub Text," by Robb Walsh, November 14]: Are you kidding? Ponzo's and Jersey Mike's do serve sandwiches with bread, meat, cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato. But to say they even come close to a true sub or hoagie is absurd. Guys, we're missing just a few ingredients!

I thought that with Jersey Mike's, there would finally be a sub shop in Houston. But I'm afraid neither establishment is up to the task. Your review made some valid points. Ponzo's is owned by third-generation Californians, and Jersey Mike's is really more of an Italian-flavored Subway.

Hoagies come from the East Coast, specifically South Jersey.

For an authentic hoagie, the bread had better have a hard crust, to the point where it could be mistaken for a weapon, with the majority of the breading removed, soaked to the point of saturation with oil and vinegar, covered with provolone, ham and at least two salamis -- let's say hard and Genoa -- covered, not sprinkled, with shredded lettuce, finely sliced onion and multitudes of fresh Jersey tomatoes, soaked once again with oil and vinegar and dashed with oregano. And the key ingredient, peppers! Diced pepperoncini, hot and sweet peppers; without the peppers, it's just a ham and salami on Italian bread!

Lee Walton

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