Holy Halibut! It's Fishman and Jordy

Tanks a lot! This dynamic duo delivers the gauche from Gotham City

On the other hand, in addition to the garish observation deck and Ferris wheel, there were dancing fountains; a bar called the Dive; aquariums full of alligators, matamata turtles, piranhas, sting rays and electric eels; and a Marina Matinee Café where diners are seated in reproductions of seagoing vessels. Surely the Titanic is reserved for Tilman and Jordy. Undoubtedly the perfect place for an intimate little concert by Wayne Newton, Barry Manilow or the like.

We reached for the phone, determined to try to stop the bad-taste conspiracy before it gets launched. A glance at the press release reinforced a sense of urgent dread. Opening day is scheduled for February 15.

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