Double Standards?

Plus: Defining Moment, Egg on the Face, Get Off Death Row!

Double Standards?

Watch out for the kids: As much as I try, I can't see any difference in what you wrote about here ["The Odd Couple," by Tim Fleck, January 9] and the child molestation reportedly taking place in some religions.

People in authority who molest children are criminals. It should not matter if they are in authority in a church or in a government bureaucracy.

This probation officer allegedly molested a minor. She should face criminal charges. If she's a sex offender, her name should be added to the state database and people should be warned if she moves into their neighborhood.

Who the hell is looking after kids in the system?

E.R. White

Cover-up: I just finished reading your article regarding the above, and I am so angry I cannot see straight. Being an African-American female, to me the entire situation reeks of a cover-up, a biased criminal justice system, double standards and the continuous devaluation placed on an African-American life in general, and on an African-American male's life in particular.

If Deen had been an African-American female and Williams a 16-year-old Caucasian boy, she would have been arrested and brought to trial for statutory rape, molestation, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, etc.

In addition, if Deen had been a male of any race and the child a girl, the end result again would have been completely different.

This child has been further victimized by the very system that was put in place to protect him. He was already in a precarious situation. How do we know what further damage has been done to him?

In the meantime, Deen has cast him aside and has not had to take any responsibility for her actions.


Name withheld by request

Defining Moment

Out on a limb: "Quadriplegic ["Roller Derby," by Wendy Grossman, January 18]: one affected with paralysis of both arms and both legs" -- Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary.

A little editing might be nice.

Robert W. McFarlane

Editor's note: As the feature pointed out, Quad Rugby Association players are not totally paralyzed in all limbs. They do have some upper body movement, but not enough to classify them as paraplegic.

Egg on the Face

Monetary motives? This is just more bogus bull the lawyers instigate to get more money ["Mac Attack," by Wendy Grossman, January 16]. Another crybaby situation where we sue someone for our own stupidity and laziness.

If she had gotten off her ass and fixed him some eggs at the house instead of going to McDonald's every day to feed him, he might not have been in this situation.

While I don't care much for fast food, I think this is just a ploy for money.

Name withheld by request

Passing the pepper: I was shocked to read that a man with metastatic colon, lung, spine and brain cancer was eating a fat-laden, chemical-filled McDonald's burrito in the first place. I can't imagine what that would do to one's colon, pepper or not.

People eat all that junk and wonder why they get cancer in the first place. My suggestion: Hire a nutritionist and leave Mickey D alone.

J. Miller

Fast food follies: Elaine Long should be arrested for attempted manslaughter. Imagine feeding anyone three McDonald's breakfast burritos every day for a year. Prison food is better.

Has she tried Taco Cabana? Or -- heaven forbid -- cooking breakfast in her own home for her poor starving husband?

Shit, he must be loony for eating such tripe.

Tom Dolan

Get Off Death Row!

Texas prisons are history: I saw an interview with a spokesperson from the Texas Prison Museum ["A Guarded Past," by Scott Nowell, January 9] on NBC's Weekend Today show. I was expecting an interesting interview and discussion on the museum and its displays.

NBC co-anchor Soledad O'Brien asked the usual questions regarding "Old Sparky" and lethal injection, and even the controversial execution of the first female since the Civil War, Karla Faye Tucker. Instead of discussing the museum's features, Ms. O'Brien discussed how "morbid" this type of museum was, and she continued asking what kind of person would want to visit the museum.

I'm a native Texan and not a supporter of capital punishment, although I would enjoy visiting the museum. I was upset with the tone that was taken by Ms. O'Brien.

NBC showed a lack of diversity. Not everyone going to visit the museum will be a capital punishment supporter or a promoter of the Texas prison system -- they will be supporters of Texas history!

In case you were not aware, Alcatraz is one of the most popular attractions in California.

Ginger Walker

Staff, not board: In your article about the prison museum, the part about me is wrong. I am a staff member and not a volunteer. And I am not on the museum's board and never have been.

Have a nice day.

Jim Willett

Beggars and Thieves

Shut down the state: I understand that the state has a serious budget problem ["Getting THMPed," by Jennifer Mathieu, January 23]. Why not just do away with the state government, and perhaps some of the local governments too, save for the police and fire departments?

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