Double Standards?

Plus: Defining Moment, Egg on the Face, Get Off Death Row!

Scott Burton

Truth serum: I really do admire the honesty in your article. It's nice to know that there are still a few free-thinking people out there who can see through all the mainstream bullshit in our media today.

Nate Vaut

Business void: Terrific article. There is plenty of great American music but no decent American music business and no major music magazine of any consequence at all.

Ronny Elliott
Tampa, Florida

Awesome Aguilera

Stripped fare: I don't know whether we listened to the same album, but the album that I purchased by Christina Aguilera was one of the best albums released recently [Rotation, by Craig D. Lindsey, December 19].

This is what a good album is made of: a mixture of pop, rap and ballads. Her voice alone makes the album shine; move over, Mariah and Whitney! Christina has released an album that will stand on its own and be well appreciated. There are people waiting for Jennifer Lopez's new release. Just look at her sales, and that will prove it!

Eduardo Sanchez

Local Talent

Good Guy: Glad you enjoyed the title song for Calvin Owens's new LP, The House Is Burnin' [Rotation, by John Nova Lomax, January 9]. It was penned by Houston songwriter Guy Schwartz (of Guy Schwartz and the New Jack Hippies).

See you where the music is.

Marlo Blue

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