Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Coming close wasn't good enough for Brother Luck

But it's the title track that has gotten the most attention in concert and is Smith's favorite to sing. It's a tune inspired by an acquaintance of the band whom Smith calls the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. "Whoever ends up marrying her is not going to be worthy," he says. (And for the record, Smith doesn't have to worry about passing or failing that test, as the woman in question is not his wife.) Too scared to tell his muse about the song in person, he e-mailed the revelation. "Yeah, I was chickenshit," he admits.

Oddly, the track (which Smith performs solo) was just tossed off at the end of their studio time one day. It was the song he spent the least time and least money recording. "It amazes me that that's the song people always remember and ask for," he says, shaking his head. "I'm like, 'Hey! Why don't they like the songs that cost us more?' "

Brother Luck regrouped only weeks ago as a quartet, with Chris Loocke and Preston Hill joining on lead guitar and bass. Smith still isn't sure music can be his full-time gig, but he hopes to take the band into the studio this month to record some acoustic material. This time he wants to add those strings and things that didn't make the first record. It will be something more akin to the tastes of his Don Williams-loving father.

Rozino Smith says sadness is his best songwriting partner.
Rozino Smith says sadness is his best songwriting partner.

"He's so proud, it's kind of funny," Smith says. "He'll be like, 'My son's in this great band! It's called Brother something, I don't remember the rest.' "

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