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Plus: Junk Food, Junk Suits; Pigeon Hold, Meds for the Poor

If folks out at Highway 290 and Huffmeister are going to complain about lack of coverage by the Houston Press, I hope they're complaining to Austin as well. They're halfway there.

Derek Schwartzenburg

Stirred, if not shaken: As someone who attended a good portion of the Sidecar show, I feel that John Nova Lomax's response is not a surprise at all. In some ways, I think he had a sense of humor about it, although he had more than a dose of sarcasm as well.

It was a poorly organized, poorly managed event that didn't have the strength to accomplish its stated goals. That being said, it did at least poke a stick into the nest and stir up a little buzz.

Hopefully that can be amplified greatly over the coming year through all of our efforts. There is much impressive and diverse musical talent in this city. I would love nothing more than to see the entire scene become more energized and supportive.

Rock on!

Aerik Bassinheimer

Beat their own drums: Excellent article. Our band, the Neckbreakers -- Houston's premier father-daughter punk rock act -- has played at the Sidecar Pub twice, and both times we left with a rather bad taste in our mouths.

We had been told that the club boasted the best sound system and sound tech in town yet were rather unhappy with both the sound quality and the complete lack of attention from the sound guy.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many of the complaints about lack of support from the local media come from the bands who work the least to promote their acts. I've been playing in Houston since the late '70s and have heard the same gripes hurled at Public News and other smaller "alternative" print outlets, so there's really nothing new there.

Keep up the good work. You're a funny and insightful voice.

The Neckbreakers

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