Protesting Peace

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Protesting Peace

Don't question; support: Maybe I'm growing out of my liberalist mentality. Or is it that maybe I'm looking at all points of view on an issue before I form my opinion instead of falling victim to the media brainwashing?

There are certain times in a society when it must come together, respect and support the decisions of its elected leaders. I would expect the members of the media to take it upon themselves, as Americans, to attempt to support their leaders and the war effort. This negative form of reporting ["Peace Signs," by Craig Malisow, January 30] during times like these is damaging to the morale of the citizens and the troops being deployed. This war is not about oil. It is about human rights and preserving the citizens of Iraq and surrounding countries.

Your article has a one-sided argument that blames the United Nations' sanctions for the suffering in Iraq. Give me a break. A heartless dictator used chemical and biological agents on millions of his own people and others. So why not protest Saddam? And what makes you believe that Saddam would not deploy a nuclear weapon against Americans if one were available to him? This man continues to build his arsenal of biological and chemical weapons, and he's very close to developing a nuclear weapon. Sanctions and diplomacy have not worked. The only option left is force.

I know that my viewpoints disagree with many on your staff and many of your readers. Nobody likes war, because people die. But thanks to the sacrifices of those who went to war in the past, you have the right to publish articles such as this, your readers have the right to protest this war, and I have the right to submit this letter to the editor voicing my opinion. Do you enjoy these rights? If you do, then support our troops! In essence, they are fighting for your rights as Americans.

Joseph Gonzales

ANSWERing the alarm: In his article, Craig Malisow mentions that the protests were organized by International ANSWER. Some Internet sites show that ANSWER has links to the Workers World Party, a Stalinist cult. The WWP is on record as supporting the massacre in Tiananmen Square, the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, the tyrannical regime of North Korea's Kim Jong Il and the genocidal lunatic Slobodan Milosevic.

I suppose people can both love the United States and be against this looming war. But when they freely march in protests with ties to supporters of totalitarian and fascist regimes, I have my doubts.

Michael L. Brock

God-awful: Maybe I'm a sucker for God talk, but I appreciated hearing the president say, "Freedom is not something the United States gives to other nations; it is God's gift to all mankind." It struck me as an indication of humility and right-mindedness. There is no doubt the president's detractors will hear it as further evidence of a crusade mentality.

Hey, wait a minute. The president's detractors? That's me. Where was I…Oh, yes. The crusade mentality. First we have a bunch of wacky Muslims from the Middle Ages cloaking their murderous intent in the mantle of holy war, and now we have the leader of the most powerful nation on earth responding like Richard the Lionhearted. I knew we shouldn't have elected an Episcopalian. His true loyalties lie in Canterbury.

Seriously, is it a good idea to portray our impending attack on Iraq as divinely inspired? Didn't the Crusades of 1,000 years ago teach us anything? Some of the worst horrors man has ever inflicted on himself have been in the name of God.

If the president is correct about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein (and who am I to doubt the president?), then it may be wise to disarm him now rather than later. If so, let's admit that we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils; we are not carrying out the perfect will of God.

Freedom is, indeed, God's intention. And it starts with freedom from the fear, greed, jealousy, guilt and false pride that have enslaved mankind for too long and perpetuated the cycle of oppression and war. You would think Muslims and Christians would get it by now.

Herschel E. Moore

Big turnout: My husband and I were also in D.C. for the rally on January 18. The organizers had the march start halfway through the speeches because there was no way it would have finished before nightfall. The crowd kept growing as the marchers took off.

To get an idea of the enormity of the crowd, check out photos at C-SPAN also has full video on its site, and aerial views of the San Francisco rally are available at

Theresa Keefe

Breaking in: With the world nearly at war, corporate wrongs and budget shortfalls, Houston newscasters feel the rodeo lineup deserves the top story. News 2 Houston sent a Breaking News E-mail on the rodeo lineup along with an advertisement!

The local newscasts are filled with glitzy, pretty smiling faces that will make any viewer ill. Breaking news is not something you plan in a segment in every newscast. Face-overs are not news except for those females 18 to 24 working in the mall. E-mail newscasts can't be all advertisements and a smidgen content. Shaq v. Yao is not news! Proper English should always be used! Those who don't understand English are not watching your newscast anyway! Charity event coverage should not be in the first, second or third segment; it should be, rather, at the end of the newscast. Real news can be a winner if newscasters rid their souls of glitz, excessive smiles and research at the makeup counter at Foley's!

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