Killing the Leaders

Given the advances in smart-weapon technology, there's probably no more hazardous place for a world leader to be these days than on George W. Bush's evildoers list. No matter what the temperature in Havana, Fidel Castro likely is getting the chills watching the latest CNN war coverage and seeing his possible fate once Saddam is laid to rest. With U.S. contacts organizing dissidents on the island, a future Bush "48 Hours to Get Out of Havana" ultimatum doesn't seem that far-fetched.

Ditto for those nuke-hungry blokes in Tehran and Pyongyang. Even the ungrateful Axis of Sauerkraut and Brie -- Germany and France -- is surely having second thoughts about getting crosswise with the Big Bad No. 1.

Hey, folks, welcome to the New World Order. Live with it…or die with it. -- Tim Fleck

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