Steven Thomson

Satisfying Hunger

Proven pros: Thanks for your recent article on the Hunger ["Appetite for Reconstruction," by Greg Barr, February 27]. Although admittedly biased, as Max is my brother, I'm glad to see them again get some of the recognition they so rightly deserve.

You couldn't speak truer words when you say they are the hardest-working band in Houston -- or anywhere else, for that matter. Over the years the thing that has most impressed me about the guys in the Hunger is their professionalism, dedication and their insistence that every fan buying a ticket or CD be knocked out by the experience.

In an industry filled with one-hit wonders and wannabe poseurs, this alone is worthy of recognition; the fact that they are great guys who truly care about what they do is exceptional.

George Schuldberg

Cindy's Supporters

Creative interpretation: I was disappointed with Timothy O'Brien's review of Cindy Scott's Major to Minor [Local Rotation, March 6]. As with all genres of music, there is both new and standard material to pick from. Just because someone performs a standard doesn't mean they can't introduce something creatively original to the piece.

Cindy has a great voice, and she is adept at using it like an instrument played in the style of jazz. There is a place for this type of musical interpretation in jazz just as there is in classical music. You don't pan Horowitz because he played Chopin yet again. Your readers might like to visit Cindy's Web site, www.CindyScott.us, and hear for themselves.

Al Delaney

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