Prom and Proper

Cross-dressers help high schoolers have a fun night out in the gown

Siebert's was that, one day, he would walk like a man.

"I was so embarrassed," he laughs.

"The last thing they need, especially if it's their senior prom, is to feel like they can't go or that they should shun it off for any particular reason, and it's really because they just didn't have the clothes to go there," Cryer says. "That would be horrible."

Cryer (left) and Siebert help the cause.
Courtesy of Ronny Siebert
Cryer (left) and Siebert help the cause.

Chiming in with his down-home accent, Siebert says, "And [if] a drag queen or a gay man can help -- hello?"

At the Lovett Inn bed and breakfast recently, Gonzalez and her mother sifted through hundreds of dresses and accessories. In the makeshift showroom for the Fairy Godmother Project, personal attendants helped dozens of high schoolers search the racks for the right outfit.

Gonzalez found hers right away: a sleeveless affair with a black velvet top, a high neck and a full silver skirt. It looked like something Audrey Hepburn, her favorite actress, might wear. The actress motif fits well for the prom's theme, "Hollywood Nights," where decked-out dates will saunter along a red carpet, between giant Oscar statues, and into the Houston Club.

"It reminded me of Breakfast at Tiffany's," she says of the dress. "I found the perfect one."

With slight alterations, the dress fit like it was made for her. She also found matching shoes and a purse. A week later, she was invited to the prom.

So she'll be able to walk the red carpet and fit in with girls in $600 dresses and girls in gowns donated by drag queens. No one should be able to tell the difference.

Except maybe Cryer. Whoever gets one of his beloved gowns will be lucky.

"I bet she'll be the best-dressed girl there," he says. "If I knew where [my dress] was going, I'd send my number so I could do her makeup just right."

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