Since the meat was stored overnight without benefit of refrigeration, let's just say that it was well on the way to a condition that could best be described as "ripe."

When they arrived home with this meat and an explanation that he or she "sho-nuff" gave it to us, the cook sniffed, rolled her eyes and said, "Dip it in sauce and cook it until he don't look like nothin' that could smell bad or taste bad -- and start the dippin' and the cookin' right now!"

Nowadays, the real grandchildren of poor people charge $5 for a barbecue sandwich where the meat has been cooked and dipped so that it don't look like nothin' that could smell bad or taste bad. These real descendants of the poor told the truth in your article. You got to cook it for a long time. And the $5 price tag helps a little also.

I "sho-nuff" love the irony.

Gary Packwood

Hell of a Note

Heathen hacks: I looked at the drawing about Lakewood Church and got boiling mad ["Billboard Blues," by Richard Connelly, April 10]. I have been going to Lakewood since 1983. This is a bold-faced lie. This is not true of Lakewood or Joel Osteen.

They never criticize anyone or want to kill anyone. They preach Jesus and love for one another. I was very ashamed of you. This is a scandal. If I printed a paper, I would have never written something like that.

Aren't any of you Christians? Why don't you come to Lakewood yourselves and see what it is all about?

Thank you and may God bless you and have mercy on your souls.

Noline Wilson

Art on the Cheap

Free Thursdays: I read with interest Ms. Jansch's letter to the editor ["Money and Monet," May 8] regarding her inability to pay for admission to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

The MFAH has had free general admission (with extended hours) on Thursdays for as long as I can remember. This free admission is available to all, even single mothers of two on a limited income.

Philip T. Golden

Getting Exercised

Hoops are healthy: This is just another great example of how these homeowners associations become more than they were ever intended to be ["Goal Tending," by Wendy Grossman, May 8]. These people may start out with good intentions until their egos get involved, and the next thing you know, they may be pulling you over or even taking away your home for auction after missing a dues payment -- hint.

I think the biggest travesty in this is that this country needs to have children encouraged to play active sports with our out-of-control problems with obesity, both in adults and children. I suppose the association would rather have these kids indoors in front of TVs and computers.

Scott Rice

Dressed to Thrill

Good deed: What a great story ["Prom and Proper," by Craig Malisow, May 8]. Everyone should have the chance to attend their prom, and this organization allows girls to go and feel just as pretty as everyone else there. In fact, they probably look better because they appreciate the value of their dresses.

Ms. Chang should be applauded for her efforts.

We are well enough off and my daughter went to her prom this year. I have several dresses she has worn over the years that I would like to donate, although I am sure they are not as grand as some of the queens'.

Dixie Ruiz

Helping hand: I really enjoyed reading the article about the Fairy Godmother Project, but the Press did us all an injustice by not including contact information. While I am not a drag queen but a mom of two kids, I would love to donate and assist in the selection process.

Thank you for many years of news worth reading.

Michelle Rosenberry

Editor's note: There is no phone number for the program, but Chang and the volunteers can be reached by e-mail at promdresses2003@hotmail.com.

Butthole Blunder

Haynes, no Lewis: I just want to comment that Racket needs to do a better job of fact-checking. The lead singer of the innovative Butthole Surfers is not named Gibby Lewis [by John Nova Lomax, May 8].

I believe his name is Gibby Haynes. It really bothers me when columnists don't have the wherewithal to look things up.

Zachary Browne

Editor's note: You're right. Racket regrets the error and vows to become the envy of Med Center proctologists in his Butthole research.

Run 'Em All

Support the little arts: Picking up the Houston Press at the beginning of every weekend has been a habit of mine for several years now. Having once been a journalist, my first visit is to the column on the media. After that, I go straight to the theater listings. They have helped me make decisions about how I will spend my money on local theater. Along the way I look at your advertisers, too.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered recently that you no longer carry those listings, listings that as a playwright I know small local theaters depend on to draw new patrons.

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