Please restore them. Your publication has reproduced these listings as a public service for years and they have helped foster the dramatic arts in a city that badly needs a larger and more diverse dose of the arts. The Alley doesn't need you, but the small houses do.

Fernando Dovalina

No Nacogdoches: I'm disappointed that the Houston Press has made the decision to no longer include stage listings. Houstonians, especially those who support live theater, must stay informed with what is happening.

The Press is a vital connection between theatergoers and the producers of live theater. Many theaters barely manage to keep doors open (financially) and still turn out some quality work. Please continue to support live theater. If you don't, you'll be turning your back on a vital part of what this city has to offer in the way of cultural experiences. I'd hate to consider Houston as just an overgrown Nacogdoches.

Dan DeLeon, Unhinged Productions

Editor's note: All event listings can still be found at the Web site of the Houston Press. New Times, our parent company, made the decision to pull the listings from the print editions of all its newspapers.

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