Dirty Mothers For Ya

The Supersuckers clean up their act offstage, but the songs remain the same

Songs like the flippant "Bubblegum and Beer" and the blistering opening track, "Rock and Roll Records (Ain't Sellin' This Year)", are more typical of the Supersuckers. On the latter, Spaghetti parodies Willie Nelson's lyric, "Sad songs and waltzes aren't sellin' this year." The line "Playing through the pain, watching shit bands get rich" seems to be ripped directly from the band's career experience.

Trippin' is already exceeding sales goals after three weeks, and Spaghetti is looking ahead. "We'll tour hard on the album until early winter, then we're going to record another country record. The songs are already written."

The band almost lost its audience with 1997's Must've Been High, a sudden creative swerve into alt-country produced by Houston's Randall Jamail that featured locals Jesse Dayton and Brian Thomas and included a cameo by Willie Nelson. Spaghetti proudly notes that the Supersuckers may be the only hard rock band on the planet that can -- or would -- risk doing a country album. Heathman and Spaghetti relish the band's split personality and the fact that Must've Been High has become the band's highest-selling album.

You want me to grow up? I can't hear you!
You want me to grow up? I can't hear you!


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Engine Room, 1515 Pease

"That's not something bands like Metallica or AC/DC or Motörhead would do, just make a country record," Spaghetti says.

One new fan of the band, an English teacher whose first exposure to the Supersuckers was Motherfuckers Be Trippin,' summed up the band like this: "You've got to admire the Zen ability to remain adamantly adolescent and perfectly free of reflection or concern for consequences well beyond their time." Spaghetti doesn't get nearly so intellectual, but the gist is much the same when he sings, "Ain't got time to waste with that mopey dopey shit / so cut the crap and bring the hits."

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