Potty Mouths

Tamales overhead, beer cans underfoot, drug references and cussing from the stage it's the return of the Westheimer Street Festival to its old home

Feedback echoed for about 20 seconds after the brawling musicians left the stage. Crushed Busch and Olde English 800 cans littered the grass out front, mixed in with all the tamale crumbs. If Chango Jackson isn't the most exciting live band in town, Racket's damned if he knows who it might be. Even if the only words of Spanish you know are chingar and mota.

And that was the fest that was, back where it belonged.

Domokos Erupts

Domokos of Rusted Shut/Swarm of Angels sounds off on his antics as reported in this space two weeks ago. (In that column, the Rashomon Effect's Rob Wilharm branded Dom a "bad boy," accused him of turning punk karaoke into an open-mike night and was said to have been on the verge of destroying somebody else's guitar. Wilharm said he was considering banning Dom and his bandmates in Rusted Shut from punk karaoke night.) "Hahaha!" Dom responded via e-mail. "Why must people get all Destiny's Child on moi all the time??? Rusted Shut had nothing to do with that karaoke bullshit, and for all ye amateur info scientists out there…Three of the members are already banned from Crudyard's. So they ain't no karaoke band that could take credit for that. Ask any of dem Crudz employees. For the record, I would never hurt anyone's stuff. Period. Being acquainted with two of the Tuesday night 'band' members for years now, one would think that they would know what I'm about. Obviously not. I guess they're too busy practicing other people's ancient works to have a fucking clue. I had a blast at 'punk rock' karaoke night. It's too fucking bad that those guys are fucking anal. It's an amazing event. More people will go out to pose at punk rock karaoke night then go see a true underground resistance in 2003. Maybe one day I could grace the stage again with The Tuesday Night Band. Maybe one day they'll do a show with the Swarm of Angels. We play covers as well. And for the record, once again: I am not with 'bad boy' records. I am a pink cloud."

Not that Racket emerged unscathed from Dom's wrath. A few hours after the first, the following missive appeared in Racket's inbox: "Hey! They didn't hustle me off stage during my song. It was before. Get that facts straight. And it wasn't Mr. Punk Rob, it was the whole band. Get the facts straight or interview both parties before print, fucko!"

Scuttlebutt Caboose

Local label Compadre Records has just announced a new addition to its stable: San Antonio legend Flaco Jimenez. Flaco's first Compadre disc will street September 23. This will be Flaco's first wholly self-produced album…In a perfect marriage of band and venue, the Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Houston's most churlish punk band, is coming to Leon's Lounge, downtown's most Bukowskian beer joint, on July 11. Many Busch tall boys will be pounded. Be prepared…New York-based DJ Navdeep, who played Stuka in May, will be coming back to the club on August 23 with a distinguished guest -- Tabla Beat Science's Karsh Kale -- in tow. Over the years, Kale has collaborated with DJ Spooky, Baaba Maal, Sting, Herbie Hancock and System of a Down's Serj Tankian. Expect another night of atmospheric Indian-based musical world travel.

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